Ack Chat...The Transcript

Brady Ackerman joined Fightin' Gators chat yet again on Thursday about your Florida Gators and especially the upcoming game with Tennessee. Ackerman's background as a former player and coach at the college level allow him a unique perspective you can't get many places. Read on as Brady answers an hour long session from our Thursday night chat.

We hope you will join us next week for our spirited and flying chat, but if you can't, we will continue to bring you the transcript.

Brady Ackerman> Well Let's get the Chris Rainey stuff out of the way. Sure UF will miss his playmaking experience. I think he is still finding his way at the slot position and if he returns to the team it will still be a work in progress.
Brady Ackerman> It has been tough to replace Percy Harvin
gatornate10> Harvins only come around every 20 years or so, ask UGA
Brady Ackerman> I agree on Harvin special player. UF wants speed at X and with Hammond likely moving behind Moore they need Debose there
Brady Ackerman> I think Terron Sanders will play a lot this week
Brady Ackerman> I am worried about the slow starts, this team has a lot of pressure because of the past and they need to just relax execute and go play
Brady Ackerman> middle linebacker concerns me vs the run I think Bostic needs to play better
Brady Ackerman> I think the defense will add a wrinkle or two this week to stop the run
Brady Ackerman> Having Will Hill back is huge
Brady Ackerman> Florida will be better this week because they have more experience now that the offensive line is in tact for the first time. Hammond will provide depth and Hill is a playmaker on defense. Gators look good.

gator1966> Ack, I worry about every game right now. Am I overreacting? are we a team in search of an identity?
Brady Ackerman> You should worry about every game. This team has not gelled yet and it will be working towards that goal during the season. This team is not good enough yet to just count games as W's, but they will be.

gatornate10> Brady, how is the team intensity and drive this week? they look hungry and ready to play?
Brady Ackerman> The team is ready, the big concern are the 27 freshman and rs freshman that have never been on the road. This will be a good test for the leadership of the team before Tuscaloosa
JasonHigdon> Brady, even a guy like Jeremy Brown making first road SEC trip
Brady Ackerman> The thing about a kid like Jeremy Brown is he is older so he should understand what he is getting into
gatornate10> Brady why 27 freshman, depth chart does not reflect the need for 27 freshman, I just don't get it
Brady Ackerman> I don't have the depth chart in front of me but a lot of guys are playing
on special teams too

gjimmyg> Has Brantley thus far performed as expected?
Brady Ackerman> I think Brantley is behind schedule from a stats standpoint because of the weirdness of the first game, however he has protected the ball very well in the first two games

gatorfans239> It seems like the move to X will be Debose primary position from now on
Brady Ackerman> I think Debose is now an X
Brady Ackerman> Debose is a young guy learning a new position he will be fine

gville24> should I be really nervous on Saturday?
Brady Ackerman> Florida is better than Tennessee and if they play like they did in the 2nd half vs USF they win going away

gatornate10> BA how do you see the offensive scheme playing out Sat
Brady Ackerman> Offensive communication will be important with crowd noise. Florida will have its real starting offensive line so I see a lot of running and quick passes followed by play action over the top
Brady Ackerman> I have a little concern about coverage from the standpoint of the inexperience on that unit which goes with the team. But Tennessee is not going to break one so they should be fine

MajorGator> Would love to see a TE seam or wheel route
Brady Ackerman> Jordan Reed should provide an added weapon in the passing game

GatorNAlabama> we see Debose with the ball this weekend???? Can they just hand it to him on a jet sweep? I saw him do it a bunch in HS??
Brady Ackerman> No Jet sweeps for Debose just deep routes and quick slants
Brady Ackerman> Robert Clark will play some in speed spot and don't be surprised if you see Gillislee and Demps in the backfield at the same time

Gatorsin96> Why don't we run the "Percy" counter anymore?
Brady Ackerman> We ran percy counter last week and Rainey got 15 yards
Brady Ackerman> I think you will see the counter in the playbook every week

tsk123> bradinator do they have a number of carries they wanna get Gillislee?
Brady Ackerman> No they look for balance with the backs making sure they are fresh
Brady Ackerman> No one has anyone like Percy

GatorNAlabama> I'd play Hunter and Floyd at DT this week a lot
Brady Ackerman> Florida played Hunter and Floyd together last week-good call

Gatorsin96> Any chance a BIG" front 7 like Meyer has talked about involve moving Trattou to MLB in short yardage?
Brady Ackerman> Big package entails moving Jay Howard to an inside shade as a defensive end and bring in Hunter and Sanders or Floyd
Brady Ackerman> I think you will see some different looks to cover all the gaps on the offensive line and force Tennessee to throw vs man coverage
Brady Ackerman> Big package wouldstill have your defensive ends on the field

SwampChomp615> Pretty excited about having the Oline back and think it will make a big difference with JB
Brady Ackerman> O line will dominate the line of scrimmage and Florida will run for 200 yards

CrissC> will Demps be 150 of it? :)
Brady Ackerman> Demps 135

tsk123> any chance we break out the wild cat
Brady Ackerman> I think you could see Jordan Reed in the wildcat and certainly Burton on
short yardage

tsk123> any chance we break out the wild cat
Brady Ackerman> I think you could see Jordan Reed in the wildcat and certainly Burton on short yardage

gatornate10> BA plans for Mack B or have you seen
Brady Ackerman> Mack Brown is good, but how do you play him? It would take and injury
JasonHigdon> hate to burn a year if he gets 20 carries this season foolish to burn a year for what limited role he may play on ST
Brady Ackerman> I dont think Brown's year is burned untll your sure you don't need him in
November remember its a 12 or 13 game regular season

gjimmyg> Do you think this is a key game for Brantley to take control of this offense? Or do you think he will be a manager of the offense and try to keep turnovers down. He seems to not have the leadership on the field to carry this team
Brady Ackerman> I think Brantley has the respect of the team but his day to grow up will come in Tuscaloosa
gatornate10> Wow. Bama as a grow up game. Kinda like getting married because your pregnant.
Brady Ackerman> Well Brantley cant manage a win at Bama he will have to make plays to get the Gators a victory
Brady Ackerman> I think it's the receivers holding Brantley back they need to develop
Brady Ackerman> I think Florida is playing more receivers and that will help the development
Brady Ackerman> I think Frankie Hammond will play this week

SwampChomp615> Mike G is much better than Moody, why don't the coaches adjust accordingly?
Brady Ackerman> Coaches really like Moody

tsk123> it surprises me that we don't see Floyd in the 3-4 he like is Vince Wilfork or Kris Jenkins size wise
Brady Ackerman> 3-4 is over rated in my opinion, most good offensive minds would love to
play a 3-4

gator39> we got to get the WR some deep touches
Brady Ackerman> I think when you read down field its gotta be there and sometimes a quarterback can lose confidence in that with drops and guys who may not be running hard
Brady Ackerman> I think the receivers could improve

SwampChomp615> Brady, will Johnny start looking at some other guys like Alli and Hammond??
SwampChomp615> Same with Hines, hes a really good pass catcher and runner
Brady Ackerman> Johnny is locking on receivers but this offense is not a pre snap read offense but more of an area read offense
Brady Ackerman> Hines will have a big impact on the game this week
gatornate10> BA why no Pre-Snap reads?
Brady Ackerman> Nate it may take up too much space to explain myself, but pre-snap read is probably the wrong term but it's not a timing offense as much as it is an area read
Brady Ackerman> no hurry up offense just smashmouth football
Brady Ackerman> The guys who have made plays in the past are the guys showing up early in the season
Brady Ackerman> experience matters but the others are coming along
Brady Ackerman> I think Debose is a slot but Urban does not and he knows more about the kid than I do, I think they moved him out of necessity and now want to leave him there because this is going to be a pro style passing attack not a spread passing attack and those are different
Brady Ackerman> I think at times UF is running the spread pass plays and they don't
compliment the I formation sets as well

gatornate10> BA will Moore build on last week he looked as if he was beginning to emerge
Brady Ackerman> I think Moore is a possession receiver but he has good hands and is a
big target

GatorAlumnus> Does anybody truly expect to see much of Debose this weekend... I for one say do not hold your breath... hope Im wrong, but that's what we've seen the past 2 weeks
Brady Ackerman> Debose is number two on the depth chart he will play

gatornate10> Where is Alli falling out on the depth chart
Brady Ackerman> Alli is in the rotation

GatorBASS> Brady, with Debose moving outside, we will ever see him have any carries out of the backfield?
Brady Ackerman> I won't say never but right now hes a receiver, Demps is fun to watch isnt he?

gatorfans239> It seems like Meyer is a bit disappointed that Debose hasn't taken over the Slot position
Brady Ackerman> I don't think Meyer is disappointed about anything other than the Rainey arrest
Brady Ackerman> Receivers have to get open
Brady Ackerman> I think Dunkley could get into the rotation soon, he is getting better, I know Urban said he is still dinged but I think he plays soon

tsk123> idk if you've talked about it Brady but what do you think Rainey will have to do to get back
Brady Ackerman> Rainey just needs to do what every other player does and stay out of trouble. the charges get dropped and he could end up back with the team we will see. I was surprised really a nice kid

gatornate10> BA how were they using Burton this week, PK???
Brady Ackerman> Burton will be short yardage guy and H back
Brady Ackerman> yes the jump pass for Burton

GatorBASS> Jason or Brady, I read where UF would maybe go big on the DL by pairing Omar and Floyd....isn't Marsh bigger than Reef, if he is healthy?
Brady Ackerman> Marsh is out this week look for Sanders and Hunter first with Howard, Trattou and Lemmens
Brady Ackerman> Sharrif is a load

SwampChomp615> Is Lorenzo Edwards hurt??
Brady Ackerman> Edwards is fine


tsk123> Brady where the hell is Lerentee McCray
Brady Ackerman> McCray is in that twilight zone of great athletes without a position...too light at defensive end but he's playing on special teams

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