Arcidiacono Gearing for a Record Season

Ryan Arcidiacono, a 2012 point guard from Langhorne (PA) Neshaminy, is really looking forward to his upcoming high school season. As the No. 3 ranked point guard in 2012, he has 906 points to his name and expects to hit the 1000-point mark this year.

Furthermore, Ryan Arcidiacono needs just 20 more points to break his school's record for most points scored. Still, the 6-3, 190-pound four-star prospect is staying humble.

"If I do it, I won't go nuts over it. I'd rather win the game and I'd be more excited about a win. Those other personal records are exciting but they are just milestones to pass. I'd rather help my team."

What about the team he will play with in college? Arcidiacono said he has been spending most of his time preparing for a big year on the high school court but he will be taking some time to think about where he will be on the next level.

"I've had a lot of schools coming to my work outs so that has been cool. There really haven't been any people blowing up my phone because they only get their one call a month. I don't have any favorites right now because it's still early and I'm just waiting to see what every school brings to the table."

It's no secret that Arcidiacono's parents are Villanova alumni. His father was the captain of the Nova football team as a defensive end. But, Ryan said his parents are very happy for him no matter where he ends up playing.

"They are very supportive. They'll think it's great no matter what. They don't care whether it's Notre Dame, Florida, Wake Forest, Boston College. They won't hold grudges or anything and if I don't end up at Villanova and my team is playing Nova, they will still cheer for me."

Arcidiacono recently took an official visit to Villanova. Here's what he thought about his trip:

"It was a good experience and a great day. We took a campus tour and then I played a little basketball. I hung out with the team and everything too so that was fun."

Arcidiacono will take another unofficial very soon when he heads down to Florida for the UF vs Mississippi St football game the weekend of October 16.

"I'm really excited to get down there. I think it will be awesome to get a feel for the campus and be there for the football game. I'm really liking Florida right now so it should be great. I am looking forward to seeing more schools so I can just compare everyone and meet new coaches."

For those who haven't seen Arcidiacono play, he is a great shooter and very agile for his size. He gives us a look at what he does well on the court:

"I have a nice all-around game. I shoot the ball really well off the dribble and I rebound well for my size. I just do my best to involve my teammates as well so I'd say I'm a good leader. I just love this game."
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