Kentucky Offense has Meyer Concerned

It didn't take much film study for Urban Meyer to see how the Kentucky football program has changed. They weren't taken seriously when Meyer game to Florida in 2005, but they have grabbed Meyer's attention this week. It's their veteran personnel on the offensive side of the ball that has the Florida head coach worried.

Q: "How have you seen Kentucky's program grow since you came to Florida?"

A: "I look at personnel and think that since 2005 to where they are now, they're an upper echelon SEC team. I don't believe they were in 2005. They're certainly now in the upper half, if not higher than that. They've done a great job in recruiting."

Q: "What's the latest on Andre Debose?"

A: "It's a learning curve. We're trying to force feed it as much as we can and as fast as we can. It's got to happen quick."

Q: "How important is it to get your starting five offensive linemen back?"

A: "That's the essence of any offense. We're starting to see it in practice, and when that happens, we expect it in the game. That hadn't happened since training camp. We had a makeshift line for the last month and a half. For the first time in a while, we've had two weeks to practice now."

Q: "Is Jordan Reed 100% now?"

A: "He has strep throat, so he won't practice today. He had a good practice yesterday. He's talented, but he's more and more a part of the offense."

Q: "Considering your youth, is there any looking ahead to Alabama?"

A: "No, not here. If Kentucky wasn't very good, I would be worried about that. These kids watch film a lot and we watch it with them. They know their record and know the players. There is none of that right now."

Q: "What's the update on Emmanuel Moody's health?"

A: "He didn't practice yesterday, and we'll see what he can do today."

Q: "If he's out, how does that change the run game?"

A: "Gillislee would just get more carries."

Q: "How frustrating are the first half struggles on offense?"

A: "All we can do is emphasize it. We had great field positions twice last week, and we didn't capitalize. Every week we've had issues. The positive is the second half has been real strong. There has been a lot of points scored and consistent drives. In Knoxville, I want to say we scored three straight drives in the second half. We try to build on the positives and fix the negatives."

Q: "Is it mind boggling to think that Florida has beaten Kentucky 23 straight times?"

A: "That is mind boggling, and that's why we don't think about it much. We just go about our business. What happened 20-whatever years ago has no bearing on this Kentucky team coming in here now."

Q: "The fake punt against Tennessee, was it game planned?"

A: "It's something we game planned. We're not just going to roll the dice, grab a rabbit's foot and hope it works. That's something we only run against certain looks, and we got the look."

Q: "Are you happy with how Brantley has played at quarterback?"

A: "Yes I am. He's 3-0 as a starter. There's room for improvement, but the job of the quarterback is to find a way to win the game and take care of the ball. He's done that."

Q: "Do you need Moody to be as physical as you want as an offense?"

A: "I think that would help. Gillislee has been physical. Formationally, we were just hamstrung and put an extra lineman in (at Tennessee). It's hard to run the ball in that situation. We're trying to shore up our tight end position to be more multi-dimensional. We wanted to control the line of scrimmage, but Tennessee has some good ends."

Q: "Where is your offense as far as being physical?"

A: "I think we're pretty physical. We can't be quite as predictable in certain situations. Personnel is one of those things that has forced our hand. We're trying to go as best we can."

Q: "Here around the upstate New York area, so many high school teams have run your spread option and had success. How do you feel about that?"

A: "That's a great honor. There are a lot of coaches that have run this offense before and after us. Florida is a place that's on TV so much. People who study and research football have success if they know what they're doing. I give those coaches credit for stepping out of the box sometimes to do what their personnel is best for."

Q: "With your potential 100th career win Saturday, what are some wins that stick out to you?"

A: "I'm more into people than wins. I remember great efforts and players. There is the obviously won of South Carolina when we blocked a field goal, but some of these great young players we've had… For example, Vernell Brown wants to bring his son to the game this weekend. He was the pioneer of our program. He was unheard of and came in as the most loyal guy that helped us turn the corner. Those are the things I remember more than the games and plays."

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