Moore Confident in the Receiving Corps

Carl Moore isn't dwelling on the recent struggles of the Florida passing game. The receivers haven't performed up to their own standards, but they are doing their job when the ball is thrown their way. Throwing plays sometimes seem non-existent in the offense, but the receivers want to be in the right position when they are expected to make a play.

"I feel the receivers are capable," Carl Moore said. "When our number is called, we're doing our job. We've got to keep going."

In the huddle, Moore doesn't find time for pouting and hanging his head. Even when a run play is called, his blocking responsibility is just as important to the Florida coaches as it would be if he caught the ball.

The number of passing plays isn't something he can afford to keep track of.

"We call some vertical plays," Moore said. "I don't know what's going on with the playcalling, I can't tell you. I just hear a play and do my job on that play."

The lack of yards after the catch is a concern for an offense that prides itself on making plays with the ball in the hands of its players. Offensive coordinator Steve Addazio said Tuesday that they are pleased with the number of "explosive" plays from the running game. The passing game still lacks that explosion.

As the Florida offense has rarely thrown the ball deep this fall, the receivers are searching to create explosive plays after the catch.

"At the same time, we've got to be in a position to get yards after the catch," Moore said. "It's kind of hard to get yards if you're jumping up in the air to make catches. We're making plays when we can, and that's it right now."

The Florida offense is predicated on running the football this season. In order for that to be successful, the receivers have to block. They struggled to do so during the first two games of the season, but it is improving.

Moore was named the offensive player of Saturday's game at Tennessee for two clutch catches, but head coach Urban Meyer also singled out his blocking as a reason for the recognition. Moore now takes blocking seriously.

"We understand that we've got some fast guys back there, and if they can get to the outside, it's going to be a touchdown," Moore said. "We're taking a big, big emphasis on blocking this week. We're making sure Jeff Demps can get the lane and go."

After Florida was forced to kick a field goal early in the second half, the CBS broadcast showed Moore frustrated on the sideline. He said it was because of a play where Frankie Hammond and Trey Burton ran routes that ended too close to each other, and the confusion caused an incompletion that killed the drive.

"I was frustrated because we got messed up on our routes," Moore said. "The offense wasn't clicking, and it was frustrating."

Moore now maintains full confidence in his back from an injury that caused him to miss all of last season. He said there is no longer any hesitation, even when he gets hit.

"I haven't been too worried about it because I took some hits in camp," Moore said. "The game wasn't the first time I got hit."

While Kentucky comes to town this weekend, the Gators haven't lost to the Wildcats in 23 seasons. It's the second-longest winning streak of any matchup in the country. No team wants to be the group that loses the streak, and Moore's senior class is feeling the pressure to not let it be them.

"It's important," Moore said. "We focus on winning no matter what. It's a streak, but we plan on keeping it going though."
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