It's a Mental Thing for Brown

The Florida Gators are off to a torrid start in collecting interceptions this season, amassing 12 of them in four games. One guy doing his fair share is someone that never played a down for Florida before this season and has made huge strides physically just to get back on the football field. With all his physical prowess, Jeremy Brown thinks it is the mental part of the game that sets him apart.

Jeremy Brown has become a vital part of a Florida defense that has to have offensive coordinators worried when it comes to the passing game -- 12 interceptions in four games from a defense that likes to play man coverage and put pressure on quarterbacks. Brown has three of those interceptions and had a big one Saturday night when Florida played Kentucky.

After a slow second quarter from the Gator offense, he took matters into his own hands, stepped in front of a would be Wildcat receiver and raced home for a long interception return.

Brown has made himself into a player by studying enormous amounts of game film on his opponents.

"I just read the three-step drop," Brown told the media about his pick, following the Kentucky game. "On first down they like hitches. I saw the formation and decided to jump it and it worked out pretty good."

This is the second week in a row where Brown has envisioned the interception before it ever happened simply because he knew what the offense was about to do next.

"I am more of a mental guy," he said. "My body is not like it used to be. I spend a lot more time in the film room than most people because I know my body is a little banged up. I don't move as fast as I used to.

"...I really just read it and it's a play that I saw in the film room. It seemed like it happened before it did happen.

"...I spend hours and hours. Every chance I get, I try and watch the film. It makes the game easier. It's good and the game slowed down a lot. You are able to see keys and read this and that. It makes your job a lot easier, but it also helps when you have a great defensive line putting pressure on the quarterback."

Brown could have been scared to make the plays in the last couple of weeks. He was burned on an excellent play call by Tennessee last week, a 49 yard play that went for a touchdown. Instead, he used that play to motivate himself.

"I'm hard on myself," Brown said. "I felt like I had a sub-par performance last week. Will Hill and I said we had to come out and make a stand this week. I came out with a lot on my shoulders that I put on myself and wanted to have a good game today."

After everything he has been through, it is easy to understand why someone might celebrate. Brown however, celebrated a little early doing a little dance step on the way to the end zone Saturday when he scored. It wasn't flagged but should have been. Next year with rule changes, that touchdown would be called back if the officials decided to enforce it.

Brown was a little embarrassed about it after the game, even though no coach even mentioned it to him.

"I'm not going to do that again," he said he said with a little grin and sinking into his chair. "That's just not me. I just got caught up and it won't happen again."

Brown has made the No. 8 a special one so far this season, but Saturday there was another star in the number. Trey Burton switched jersey numbers before the game an wore number eight on the day as well. Burton scored six touchdowns on offense and stole the spotlight over a very good Florida win.

"It's special," Brown said of a day when every touchdown (nine of them) in the game by both teams were scored by someone wearing the number eight. " I am really happy for Trey, a special night for him. He has come a long way and is a guy that really works hard. Trey Burton's performance tonight was superb."

Brown expects Burton's focus from the fans to speed up just a bit now.

"He's a rock star," Brown said with a laugh. "I bet these Gator fans are going to hit him up on Face Book, he's a big timer now."

The Gators are going to need all the good play they can get this week. They head to number one Alabama for a revenge match from the SEC Championship game. This game certainly has it's place in the minds of the Gator players, including Brown. Just let them celebrate for a night before really getting after the Alabama preparation.

"This is a big one for us," he said of the Kentucky game with their explosive offense. "We heard a lot about their offense, so we are really going to enjoy this one and start looking at (Alabama) on Sunday or Monday."

I am really excited about (the Alabama game). You hear so much about Alabama. The opportunity to be able to participate in this game is a blessing and I know a lot of people wish they could. It is definitely becoming a big rivalry because we are always at the top of the charts when we play them, so this is going to be a big one."
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