Patience Paid Off for Florida Offense

Steve Addazio knew it was coming. The production of the Florida offense was bound to happen, if only from the improvements in the practice since the first game. Flipping on the film showed plays that were only one block from big gains. Addazio preached patience to the offensive personnel, and it paid off Saturday night.

"Everyone wants some validation for their work," Addazio said. "Our players have been working really hard. We saw it on the film, and there were definitely signs of moving forward the whole time. It's just a matter of getting cohesiveness going."

The offensive coaches came into the game with a few scripted plays they wanted to run. Addazio wouldn't say how many plays they scripted before the game, but they wanted to force feed these plays into the offense. Two of the first three plays went to redshirt freshman wide receiver Andre Debose, a clear sign that they were ready to see him perform.

"We had a series of plays that we felt terrific about and wanted to get in there," Addazio said. "We wanted to mix it in there and did that. There were a couple series that got bogged down in there, but we came back in the end."

Once the offense started to click, confidence built in the players. Florida hadn't scored a point in the first quarter of the first three games. Saturday night they scored 14, on two touchdown drives.

The consistency shown from the offense produced a rhythm the offense hasn't experienced all season.

"When you move the chains, it gives you the opportunity to get a flow and then guys get more touches," Addazio said. "What happens sometimes is you get in those three-and-out routines, it's hard. You don't get that rhythm. We were able to get that going early."

However, it's still a learning process. Heading into a overwhelming environment this weekend in Tuscaloosa, the young Florida playmakers have to continue putting work in off the field.

"It's a growing process," Addazio said. "We've still got a lot of young guys in there, and we're a different team. We're re-piecing this back together."

Addazio said the Florida offense added an element of their option game because it makes the opponent "defend the whole field." They tried to simplify things for the players, and because of it, more players got involved and the offense became harder to defend.

"We sprinkled in some of the things we've done in the past and have some bank in," Addazio said. "We put option back into our offense. We're putting our spread game back in."

Trey Burton saw expanded time in the wildcat Saturday and produced five rushing touchdowns from the formation. It adds another option element to the offense that defenses must prepare for.

"Unbelievable performance," Addazio said. "You saw flashes of old there. The power that he was running. He's a football player."

Carl Moore made four receptions for 72 yards on Saturday, all of which came on third down plays. He is becoming a go-to receiver for quarterback John Brantley in clutch situations.

"He made some big catches," Addazio said. "He got up the field and got vertical. There were some big third-down conversions. We have some different plays where certain guys are more apt to get them."
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