Top 13 -- Week 4

The eyes of Texas are bloodshot, while Stanford is making a serious move on national respect. With that, here's our weekly top 13 rankings.

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Boise State
5. TCU

6. Florida
7. Nebraska
8. Stanford
9. Oklahoma
10. Auburn

11. LSU
12. Wisconsin
13. Utah

Honorable Mention ---- Miami

And for out weekly dubious achievement awards:

Cody Jones ---- The Texas Longhorns --- Mack Brown's biggest lost at home wasn't pretty. The Bruins rushed up and down the field while the Longhorns continued to struggle in the run game. It's hard to believe they can't find a running back in the state to come in and be their workhorse.

Laura McKeeman ---- The Georgia Bulldogs --- The Dawgs are now on their first three game losing streak in 20 years and didn't decide to score a TD until it was way too late against Mississippi State. Wide Receiver Kris Durham said the season "could" become a "catastrophe" if they don't get it together. You mean it isn't already a disaster, Kris?

Bob Redman ---- Florida/Kentucky officials --- The officiating in the Gator game left something to be desired. One flag happy ref went crazy calling illegal shift and offside penalties when there were none. The over turn on the long catch by Kentucky was a joke either when the ball clearly shifted from one arm to the other and the receiver (Chris Matthews) was not in control when the foot was in bounds.

Larry Vettel ---- Tennessee A.D. Mike Hamilton --- This man has his basketball program on the verge of probation, has been ridiculed nationally for self imposed recruiting restrictions that took effect AFTER the September recruiting period and now watches his football coach need double overtime to beat UAB. Maybe it's time to form a consulting firm with Damon Evans.


That's this week's poll. Next week's schedule will feature two big showdown games with Florida at Alabama and Stanford at Oregon.

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