Lemmens Ready to Work

Florida defensive lineman Duke Lemmens said he will bring his lunch pail to practice all week and will go wherever coaches want to see him on the field. Let's face it, Duke, you will be on the field in some way...it's just a matter of how.

The "heavy" defensive package involves shifting Duke Lemmens to the SAM linebacker spot and he said he's ready for whatever comes his way.

Lemmens isn't scared of Mark Ingram, either. He reminded us that he goes against big offensive lineman Carl Johnson every day in practice so it takes a good deal to make him nervous. Lemmens also insists this is the biggest week this season, saying he's "not going to lie" to us about the importance of this game.

Duke Lemmens graded out as a defensive champion against Kentucky coming away with a consistently stellar performance after being defensive player of the week against Tennessee. Lemmens, like many players on both the Florida and Alabama rosters, hasn't lost many games in his career. This is a matchup filled with guys used to winning and Lemmens said he knows both teams won't back down easy. He's glad Florida had an incredibly tough camp to prepare for situations like what they will face in Tuscaloosa this weekend.

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