Urban Meyer SEC Teleconference

Since 2008, the Florida-Alabama game is quickly becoming one of the biggest rivalries in college football. It isn't laced with hatred like the other three rivalries for Florida. Instead, there is a mutual respect between the two teams.

Head coach Urban Meyer won't list the game with the historic rivalries of Florida State, Georgia, and Tennessee, but the importance of the Alabama game has increased in recent years.

Q: "Do you consider Alabama to be a rival?"

A: "That's a great question, but I don't know. When I was hired here, it's not like I created it, I was told there were three great rivalries. Alabama is a great football team that we've had some epic battles with. That's more it was. But we're not going to put a board downstairs like the other rivals."

Q: "How is Jeff Demps?"

A: "He's out of the boot today. He's had very limited practice. We're counting on him for Thursday, and even if we have to go out with him Friday and practice… It's probable he'll play."

Q: "What do you remember from the 2005 game at Alabama?"

A: "I remember a great SEC environment. We had a very bad team and we didn't play well.

Q: "In 2005, you said you were adapting the offense your personnel. Is this a similar situation with a drop back quarterback?"

A: "We did that because our best players were injured. We lost Jemalle Cornelius, Dallas Baker and Andre Caldwell. That was a necessity. We have better players now. I guess you could call that a learning curve, but that was a long time ago."

Q: "How much sleep do you lose over all the arrests you've had?"

A: "I have in the past. I haven't now recently. If someone makes a stupid decision, there's a terrible consequence for it. That's all we can do. I don't lose any more sleep."

Q: "What kind of steps have you taken towards solving problems?"

A: "We've taken a bunch. Obviously we have people speaking to our kids non-stop. I speak to them non-stop. We teach them how to avoid the typical issues of society now."

Q: "How have you seen Janoris mature?"

A: "He came in here as one of the best workers we've ever had as a freshman. He and Jeremy Brown came in and stole the show. Janoris went through a very good freshman year and then kind of an average second year. It was pretty good, but nothing like it is now. Coach Austin has done a good job. Some of these guys around other programs get a certain status if they play well, but I don't see that with Janoris. He's a good guy and works hard. I'm a big Janoris guy,"

Q: "Any change in Chris Rainey's status this week?"

A: "No. I haven't even thought about it because our focus is on Wednesday's practice. At the appropriate time, I'll sit down and have that discussion."

Q: "With the rockstar status you mentioned this week, is that the norm now or was it just your team?"

A: "I have good friends in this profession that we have discussion with everywhere. With great players, that's a part of their livelihood. That's a big story. Coaches spend a lot of time trying to keep them grounded and focused on practice."

Q: "Alabama has gone almost 40 games without allowing a 100-yard rusher. What do you see from that unit?"

A: "Really, really good players. They're obviously well coached, but really good players that are fundamentally sound and play hard."

Q: "What's the update on James Wilson?"

A: "He's getting closer. He had some cartilage taken out of (the knee), but we're anticipating here in the next few weeks (he'll be back)."

Q: "How was Jon Halapio helped with him out?"

A: "Coach Addazio really likes him. I love him as a kid. I see on film that he's turning into an SEC guard, which is saying a lot for a redshirt freshman."

Q: "How do you think John Brantley has played this year?"

A: "He's done well. We looked awful the first game and made improvements in the second. Made some more improvements in the third game in an SEC atmosphere on the road. The fourth game I thought he played really well. John has improved as well as the players around him. The normal progression has been pretty good."

Q: "What were your expectations for how often you could win an SEC Championship when you took the Florida job?"

A: "I thought you could win, or I wouldn't have moved my family across the country. I never put a number on it. What you look at is the ability to recruit, history, tradition and the resources. I thought we could compete in the SEC, and that's why we're here."

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