Moody Healthy and Going Hard

The Florida offense seemed to open things up last weekend and at the same time, the inside running game took off. Emmanuel Moody is a big part of that running game and ran for 58 yards on 10 carries on the day. He looked strong and powerful running through tackles, even though he was slightly injured. Moody says this week he is as good as ever and liked the feeling of running well last week.

Emmanuel Moody can be that tough runner that Florida needs in certain situations, but to be that way he needs to be healthy. Right now Moody is feeling well and ready for the big matchup Saturday with No. 1 Alabama.

"I'm good right now," Moody told the media Tuesday. "I feel really healthy and it's probably the healthiest I've been all season."

Moody broke off a 19-yard run and another for more than 10 yards in the game against Kentucky. The flow of the game helped create the looks he got and playing hard was ultimately the reason for his success and the offense.

"It felt good to break off some long runs finally," he said. "I've just been waiting on the opportunity and waiting on the crease and I just took it.

"The coaches really stressed going hard. I felt like we might have made mistakes last week, but going hard covers the mistakes and makes you look like you know what you are doing even though you might not. We just played really hard and physical last week and just tried to dominate the line of scrimmage and I thought we did a good job last week."

The tempo of the offense was also a huge part of the success on Saturday and Moody hopes they can replicate that. A big part of doing that will be to get the Gators' leading rusher Jeff Demps back from an injury he re-aggravated in the game.

"We got in a flow and a rhythm," Moody said. "We are just hoping that Jeff will come back because he's a big part of this offense…We really expect him to be back, but if he's not there we will have to carry the load probably."

The Gators have the ultimate task at hand with Alabama on the plate. Alabama was the last team to beat Florida, the Gators only loss in their last 28 outings. Remarkably, the Gators are the last to beat Alabama as well in the 2008 SEC Championship Game. Moody says that even though the Tide lost a lot of players on defense from their national championship team a year ago, they are still very tough on that side of the ball.

"They are just really sound and perform at a really high level," he said of the Crimson Tide defense. "That says a lot about their coaching and they have talented players. I think they lost like 10 players, but they look just as good. It really says a lot about the coaching staff out there. It should be a good game.

"This is probably the most disciplined and they are big physically too. They are probably the biggest team we will face."
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