Brady Ackerman Chat...the Transcript

Every Thursday night, hosts a member chat with Gator Radio Network's sideline reporter Brady Ackerman. Brady answers your questions and offers his thoughts on the upcoming game. This week, he answered questions about how he thought the Gators would match up against No. 1 Alabama on Saturday night.

bradyackerman> I think UF and Bama have a mutual respect when you look at this game its amazing only 2 turnovers the last two games and very few penalties
bradyackerman> Bama has had just 3 penalties in two games against us
bradyackerman> No holding calls are ever made on alabama
bradyackerman> Last year they held the ball 40 minutes
bradyackerman> Do we see the jump pass this week?
bradyackerman> Burton to Reed?
bradyackerman> Ingram is the best player in cfb
bradyackerman> This is one of those games that has been broken down so many times we just need to go play what else can be said
bradyackerman> florida has won 13 games in a row on the road
bradyackerman> In a game like this its about your best players not guys who have not made plays
bradyackerman> Thompson gets his first touchdown this week
bradyackerman> I think its a low 20's high teens field position defense game. Florida has the edge on special teams

gatornate10> Brady your thoughts on practice this week Meyers words today did not read so well, whats the feeling in Gville after thurs practice?
bradyackerman> The most spririted week of practice that I have seen at Florida since the Georgia week two years ago

tsk123> BA whos in at RG this weekend
bradyackerman> John Halapio is playing very well so it will be a combination of him and Mo Hurt depends on what UF wants to do when the Gators go big they have six lineman in the game

Gator09> brady, Will Ronald Powell back Duke Lemmens up at that OLB position?
bradyackerman> Ron Powell is the back up to Lemmens

gatornate10> Why did UM say O was up and down
bradyackerman> You talking about offense? Urban is down playing his team in my opinion looking for an edge
bradyackerman> I would expect UF to spread the wealth take some shots but playe field position and ball control

tsk123> and how about easley
bradyackerman> Easley is ready to go, however with Marsh and Sanders UF is loaded at Tackle

GatorAlumnus> Is this team ready to go on the road and work through adversity in that hostile environment
bradyackerman> I think the team is ready, you hope they don't have any self inflicted adversity and that the only issues are crowd noise

Gator09> Will Jeff Demps play? I feel Urban is downplaying his injury
bradyackerman> I think we will know more about Demps tomorrow, my gut does not feel good today about him but let's wait till tomorrow when they work him out

HotlantaBill> Moody has to be the man for us to beat Bama
bradyackerman> Moody should start but Burton may have a big role this week

Gator09> Which of the 4 Linebackers see the most time? I think in order of playing time it goes, Bostic, Jones, Hicks and Jelani. What say you Brady?
bradyackerman> I think you have it right Gator09 look the LB's have to play great or we have no shot

HotlantaBill> Ingram and Richardson just dont go kills me
bradyackerman> The key on defense is staying in your gap don't guess and allow help to come
bradyackerman> I would not worry about pressure on first down stop the run and you can get pressure

Gator09> Who starts at nickle?
McDonoughGator> Elam
bradyackerman> I would guess Elam is in a lot this week

aquamanCTC> Does Teryl Austin stick with the gators for a while or is his stop in college football temporary?
bradyackerman> I think Teryl Austin stays for awhile he has to develop his name in the college ranks so I think hes here for a couple years
bradyackerman> Chuck Heater is very involved too in the play calling
aquamanCTC> Really like the way Austin has been calling games

Kappy77> Brady, is this the week we see Debose for four quarters?
bradyackerman> Well I fed you a little debose last week so yes I think Debose catches a shallow cross and runs for a big gain

tsk123> do we see janoris take julio one on one and we bring ahmad into the box
bradyackerman> Yes Ahmad will reside in the box, Florida has to stop the run its there only chance there corners can handle one on one but the crossing routes do present a problem

McDonoughGator> BA, what do you think we will see on offense?
bradyackerman> I think you will see short passes on first down and plenty of run mix- I think you will see the draw play some this week UF ran it against USF a lot

tsk123> brady does jordan reed get some catches this weekend
bradyackerman> I think Hines has more catches this week than Reed
lg4uf> Reed has disappointed since that great TD catch
AnimasGator> Reeds sideline catch at UT was great also so not all bad but down since his early fast stargt
bradyackerman> I thik Reed will have one big catch

aquamanCTC> Do you think Easely or Howard play DE
bradyackerman> Howard is going to be at defensive end to the strong side so he is to the tight end side
bradyackerman> Howard is a player
McDonoughGator> David Pollack said something nice about Jaye
bradyackerman> Pollack knows his football he played with great effort thats why he like jaye

lg4uf> Can McElroy beat us?
bradyackerman> I don't think McElroy can beat UF, he cannot beat a team with the pass he needs Ingram

frwlove> Brady will we see any trick plays?
bradyackerman> I think you will see one trickeration but not sure if its a trick play or special teams

aquamanCTC> are Marsh and Sanders close to 100%
AnimasGator> Brady will Marsh Antwine and Sanders all be good to go and used in rotation as originally though?
bradyackerman> Marsh and Sanders are ready to go yes
bradyackerman> yes on all the defensive tackles they are all ready

tsk123> will hammond see a lot of action?
bradyackerman> Hammond is in the rotation you may see Justin Williams get some time this week he is healthy

GatorAlumnus> How our OL and their twisted ankles, etc?
bradyackerman> Offensive line is fine

Gator09> Who is our KR if Demps is a no go
bradyackerman> Gillislee on KOR then Debose

lg4uf> Sturgis needs to be on his game
bradyackerman> Sturgis is feeling better

bulitpruf> brady, it seemed riggs was struggling last week against uk. do we see watkins this week ?
bradyackerman> Riggs was only beat because of size hes a good player and the next guy at corner however this week is an Elam week
bradyackerman> Watkins is good to go
gatornate10> Why Elam week? Run support crossing routes Brady?
bradyackerman> Elam is dual defensive threat so you tight against the run and he can cover there big H back

ufblack> sorry if this was discussed just got here. Brady, will we see more bitz packages? We don't seem to be able to get pressure with our defensive ends
bradyackerman> I think UF will blitz on 3rd down try to get the ball out of McElroys hands but not early in the down sequence

aquamanCTC> jeremy brown seems to be getting better with every game. Glad to see him come back from injury
bradyackerman> Jeremy Brown is a baller
gatornate10> Brown is no more useptible to a double move than anyone he is reading WR
gatornate10> not just jumping routes carlessly
cbreeze2> Brown is probably the best at jumping a route that I have seen, but when you jump and miss its all over
bradyackerman> You cant have it both ways folkes would you rather worry about a guy on a double move which happens once a year or have a guy who never breaks on the ball
AnimasGator> Love Brown, now need a 1 high safety to perform
bradyackerman> I think Will Hill can play better
AnimasGator> Potential right?
AnimasGator> time for Will to perform
bradyackerman> Hill is far from going pro right now but Saturday is a big stage

GatorAlumnus> Julio Jones gets most of the attention and rightfully so, but dont sleep on Marquis Maze
bradyackerman> Maize hurt UF last year they know about him

gatornate10> BA how did JB hande all of the Burton media attention
bradyackerman> JB is fine, Burton is slash and a runner JB is a passer just like Leak except he will get drafted early

tsk123> what is shaw playing corner or saftey now?
bradyackerman> Shaw is a corner

jdog247> Do you think bostic gets number 4?
bradyackerman> Bostic has impressed me and I think he would be the most likely to get an int vs Bama however Brantley better be careful on third down going to Carl Moore the Bama safeties are good

AnimasGator> Brady will the Oline be able to block long enough to allow for deep routes and will that even be called
bradyackerman> Yes alabama has just 4 sacks and if they cant blitz they cant get pressure. if they blitz expect UF to run the option

AnimasGator> May have missed it - Reed big this week?
bradyackerman> I think Reed has at least one impact catch but the outside third of the field is more open

AnimasGator> screen passes have we worried because I was traumatized as a Dolphin fan vs the bills
bradyackerman> I think UF will play the screen very well- great team speed

fish7777> I'd love to see Bama lose to UF and Auburn, then us play Arky in the SECCG
bradyackerman> sounds good to me fish i never understood the theory lose this one but win the next one win them all if you can
bradyackerman> Auburn almost beat Bama last year and Auburn is better this year they shut down Bama run game

gatornate10> Brady anything to the 9 men in the box story
bradyackerman> No 9 men in the box that cant really happen

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