Maggitt Wants to Play in the SEC

Defensive end Curt Maggitt, from Palm Beach Gardens (FL) William T. Dwyer, is fresh off an official visit to Tuscaloosa and looking forward to some upcoming trips. The 6-3, 210-pound Maggitt is feeling good about what he saw from Alabama and coach Nick Saban and said he is "pretty sure" he wants to play in the SEC on the next level.

He watched Florida play two weeks in a row and said he has been talking to UF coaches and players frequently. Still, Curt Maggitt isn't counting Wisconsin out of the mix and said he is really looking forward to his upcoming official visit to Badger country. FOX Sports' Laura McKeeman caught up with Maggitt for an update after his time with the Crimson Tide.

LM: Tell me about your trip to Alabama.

CM: It was so awesome. I liked it a lot. The game was crazy and it was fun to watch both Florida and Alabama. I really thought it was cool seeing both of their defenses on the same field at different times.

LM: Which Alabama coaches did you talk to and how did you feel about what they told you?

CM: I talked with Coach Saban. I feel like I'd have a good chance to play there right away. He (Saban) said he wants me to come there and he thinks it would be the best for me not just my first year but for the 3 years after that too. He also really sees me playing in a 3-4 defense and he likes me at outside linebacker. He thinks that's where I would be in the NFL so he said he would like to see me there instead of defensive end.

LM: Florida was originally recruiting you as a DE. Is that still the case and how are you feeling about the Gators?

CM: Yeah, Florida liked me as a defensive end and I would just have to put on some more weight. Now they are saying maybe a combination of both and I would do what Duke Lemmens does. I like that idea. I talked to coach Meyer a lot when I was there for the UF vs Kentucky game and he is a real cool guy. I've also been talking to my teammates that go to Florida now. I was talking to Robert Clark the other day and he was saying it was kind of hard to adjust to college at first but now he loves it there and he is really working hard so it was good to hear from him.

LM: You have an official visit to Wisconsin coming up on October 16. Tell me how you're feeling about that trip.

CM: Oh- I'm so excited for that. Me and my teammates Nick O'Leary and Jacoby Brissett are going up there so it will be really awesome. The coaches there seem really cool and they know my coach well. All three of us went to camp there and we really liked it so we're pumped to get back.

LM: How important is it to you to go to the same school as O'Leary and Brissett? Is that something you think about?

CM: That definitely is a thing we talk about. I think the best place where all three of us could be is LSU. We really like it there too. I have been talking to them a lot and I'm really excited for my official there in November. Nick, Jacoby and I- we talk about LSU a lot and we like what we see.
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