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Hollywood Bob Redman does his weekly question and answer segment with the message board folks at Fightin' Gators. Inside, there are a ton of questions that Bob will answer even if it is using delicate gloves to get across. 25 questions from the most knowledgeable Gator fan base are inside here at Come check it out.

Here is just a sample of what is inside.

Q: Have you "seen" Brantley this week? Anything more solid on his status for Saturday.

The media all spoke to Brantley on Monday and he looked fine. I have actually talked to two folks that have watched him throw at practice and he can make all the throws. This is just me, but the first hit is the big one in this game. Remember, he came back and finished the game after he was hit and threw the ball around quite a bit. I can't imagine he will be hurting more this week than he was that night.

Q: You seem to stay positive Bob, do you agree with Addazio's quotes about how he thinks the offense is better then everybody else and their brother?

I don't think the offense is better, we are seeing what we are seeing. I don't think the play calling is as bad as everyone is making it out. Can it be significantly better? Yes it can, but it isn't as bad as everyone is making it seem. They had reasons through the first two games to call it like they did. The last game, the execution was poor. But, there is room for a more open attack and we will see it moving forward . Of that, I am pretty confident.

That and a lot more inside.

Ask Hollywood....The Answers
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