The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Florida Gators hosted LSU Saturday night in the Swamp in what would turn out to be the Gators second consecutive loss falling to 4-2 on the year.

The Good:

  • The orange jerseys. Seeing them live for the first time I must admit I was a big fan.
  • Andre Debose 88-yard kickoff return for a touchdown brought the Gators some life and got the crowd right back into the game. It was his first career touchdown in a Gator uniform and the first kickoff return for a touchdown since Brandon James in 2009. Debose needs to get 10-12 touches a game, period.
  • The Florida defense held Ridley to less than 90 yards on the night and less than 3.1 yards per carry. He was the SEC's leading rusher coming into the game. It never appears that the defense is stopping the opposing teams ground game but you look at the numbers and for the most part they did a good job vs. the running backs all night.
  • The Gator defense comes away with another interception on the night making 29 out of the last 34 games with an interception. If you are careless with the ball in the air the boys in the Orange and Blue will come down with it. This time it was linebacker Jelani Jenkins with the grab and a 47-yard return. Jelani get to the house next time. Gators now have 13 picks in the first six games. It was his first career interception.
  • Carl Moore does it again. Moore extended his streak of third and fourth down conversions to nine straight completions. The streak came to an end in the second half but it makes you wonder what the offense would look like if they went to Moore on first or second down.
  • Redshirt freshman Jordan Reed scored his first rushing touchdown of his young Gator career and first of many. It was his second overall this season.
  • Trey Burton scored his eighth touchdown of his career. He is tops on the team with nine touchdowns. Burton is third all time trailing only Jabar Gaffney (14) and dare I say it Emmitt Smith (13). I will go on record right now and say minus injury this record falls this season.
  • Mike Gillislee scores his sixth career touchdown, a five-yard run to put the Gators up 27-26 late in the fourth. I love watching Gillislee run near the goal line. It's hard not to think he is getting in every time he touches the ball.
  • The two-point conversion play was a great call with 3:21 left in the game and I thought Frankie Hammond made a nice catch on the ball that had some heat on it.
  • When the Gators offense was backed into a corner and the game on the line they march down their throats and punch it in and convert the two-point conversion. Had the Gator defense held I would imagine everyone might have a bit of a different feel about the John Brantley performance. He was a warrior no question about it with cracked ribs a fractured thumb and who knows what other injuries he was nursing.
  • Ahmad Black with 13 total tackles on the night and one fumble recovery.

The Bad:

  • First home loss since Ole Miss (31-30) back on September 27, 2008. We all know how that turned out; will this game have the same type of impact?
  • Both the Gator touchdowns in the first half came off LSU turnovers. The offense MUST put some pressure on the opposing team's defense early in games and let the Gator defense play ahead once in a while. You can't continue to play from behind in this league and expect to be successful.
  • Florida won the coin toss and deferred to the second half again. I would like to see them take the ball and try and make a statement. Week in and week out it appears they put the D on the field first and they find themselves behind early in the game.
  • 12 first downs on the night.
  • Only 2.8 yards per carry on the night and you can't find carries for Mack Brown?
  • LSU and Florida both ended the night passing 16-24-1 but LSU averaged 14 yards per completion while the Gators could only manage 9.6 per completion. The lateral passing game must extend in some sort of vertical manner moving forward.
  • Gators ended with 154 net yards passing and only 243 yards of total offense and find themselves 11th in the Southeastern Conference. I never in a million years thought Vanderbilt would be better through six games.
  • Bostic has the sack but this is the second game in a row where I don't know if the announcers called his name more than once. He has been seemingly non-existent the last two ball games. Bostic was credited with five tackles but it seems he is having no impact on the games.
  • Florida ran 56 total offensive plays.
  • Penalties, Gators with 11 on the night.
  • LSU was struggling on the offensive side of the ball and they walk out of The Swamp winning the time of possession battle by almost 10 minutes, unacceptable.
  • The offensive line again gets whipped at the point of attack for most of the night and they looked very confused against blitz packages. The offensive line is VERY close on and off the field with each other like brothers but yet they have not played like a unit once this season. It all comes down to the offensive line. Teams can't run when they don't run block and you can't pass when they don't pass block and I know it seems elementary but you can't score when the offensive line is not doing its job.

The Ugly:

  • With the game on the line and the crowd going crazy the defense could not get one stop against one of the lesser offensive teams in the league.
  • As B.B King says, The Thrill is Gone. Will Hill was credited with nine tackles on the night? He was out of position and missed numerous tackles in key spots and seems he has already checked out and is not playing with any kind of passion.
  • Field goal fake - how in the world does Janoris Jenkins get sucked so far inside going for the block on a 53-yard field goal attempt? Basically all you need to do is stand still and you stop that play. It's hard for me to believe the players on the field were thinking anything other than fake.
  • The fake itself! The holder tosses the ball blindly over his shoulder and the ball bounces right in the hands of the kicker on the dead run, really? If that exact same scenario took place 1,000 times in a row that ball would not bounce that way again. I am a big believer in you create your own breaks throughout the course of the game but the Gators seem to have every single questionable call or bounce go against them. It is time for these players to start to take matters in their own hands.

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