Moore Is a Go To Guy

One very bright spot for a Florida offense that hasn't been to bright in 2010 has been the play of senior receiver Carl Moore. Moore has been 'Mr. Dependable' for junior quarterback John Brantley and someone Brantley looks to often on third down. Moore doesn't shy away from letting people know he can be depended on and expects to get the ball even more than he already is.

Carl Moore has caught 17 passes for 261 yards for the Florida Gators this season and has had a knack for making the clutch catch. Of his last 12 catches, 11 of them come on third or fourth down and gone for a first down. Moore says he is just trying to be ready whenever his number is called.

"It doesn't matter to me, whatever the coach calls I am down for it," Moore said of the chance to catch the ball more often.

Moore has taken a veteran's stance to practice and it is starting to pay off for him.

"It's just competitive excellence really," Moore said. "Our coach is always talking about practicing and bringing what we do in practice to the field, so it's my job to get open and I'm going to get open."

Moore credits his quarterback and the play being called for all of the third down plays he has made so far.

"It's really just more the read," he said. "He is making the read and what the defense gives us I am just supposed to be open on that route. That is just great play calling."

Florida lost a heart breaker to LSU Saturday night in The Swamp when the Bayou Bengals score in the last seconds to take a 33-29 victory. The prospects looked a little brighter just minutes before when Moore hit a key third down play and raced 51 yards to set up the go ahead touchdown. It was the longest pass play of the season for Florida. Moore talked about it.

"The corner pressed me and I just did a little release," he said. "I tried to come in and leverage him and then pushed. I got a little open and 'Johnny B' put it where it needed to be. I just caught it and made a play."

Moore thinks the Florida receivers are coming around and their work will be paying off down the road.

"I think our receivers have gotten better in all aspects of the game, not just catching the ball on third downs," he said. "Frankie Hammond is going about 60-70 plays a game and is playing more than even me or Deonte Thompson. He's going hard and working on his blocking. Omarius Hines, the same thing. Our blocking as a whole is getting better, and as a whole the receivers (are getting better) this year."

One young receiver that has made great strides is freshman Andre Debose. Debose returned a kickoff for a touchdown Saturday night. He also was on the positive end of a pass interference call that aided in a touchdown. He also ran a jet sweep for a first down that ended in a score for Florida. His role is increasing and Moore thinks Debose has earned it.

"His work ethic has definitely improved and that shows in the game," Moore said of Debose. Coach always says you have to do it in practice first and he's doing it in practice. He got his chance in the game and made something of it. The sky is the limit for that kid as long as he keeps working and comes to practice with his work helmet on trying to get better every day. You saw him on kickoff return and you saw him do something at receiver. He can be whatever he wants to be."

Moore thinks Debose is fitting in nicely to the receiver corps and they are all helping each other through the struggles on offense.

"The receivers this year, we are more or less brothers all together," Moore said. "He's not out there by himself, he's out there with the whole receiver group, he is out there with Coach Azzanni too. We go hard every day and lean on each other. We make jokes with each other so practice isn't as stressful. We go hard, because that's what we do."

Getting deep has been tough for this group of receivers. Moore explains that when they do run long, defensive backs are dropping back quickly and making those long passes tougher.

"You have to remember that the Florida offense wasn't known for deep balls," he said. "Defenses notice that and when we run deep routes, corners bail before we can get on their toes. It's just certain things in games that, they can eliminate the deep pass or Johnny B can throw it to the open receiver."

It has been a long climb back from injury and some had doubts about Moore's ability to contribute to this Gator squad. The confident Moore is not one of those doubters.

"I feel like I am getting my opportunities," he said. "I always felt like I could play that way. Now I am getting my opportunities and am making the best of it."

In the meantime, he and his teammates are shrugging off the boos of the crowd and the constant complaining about an offense in flux.

"Truthfully, I don't listen to it," he said. "Our coach always says to keep our cross hairs on and our blinders on. Only the Florida Gators know what is going on in this program. We know the play makers we really have,. We aren't really concerned what the media says or others outside of this room, because we know what we have."
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