Urban Meyer SEC Teleconference

The spread attack Dan Mullen brings to Gainesville this Saturday will have the Gators defending the third best rushing offense in the league. The Bulldogs ran for 409 yards on the road at Houston last weekend, and that number has the focus of the Florida defense.

Q: "How worried are you about the Mississippi State rushing attack after they put up over 400 yards again Houston?"

A: "They're a good running team. They involve their quarterback. Anytime you get a quarterback involved in the run game like LSU did and like this team will, it's the plus-one issue that everyone deals with. We spent a lot of time on it. You've got to find a way to equate numbers, and there's a variety of ways to do it."

Q: "What led to your decision to give Chris Rainey a chance to get back on the team?"

A: "I met with a variety of people involved in the situation. I wasn't having a discussion about it until he finished everything he had to do. I thought it was his best interest to get him around the team, and if he fulfills everything he does, then try to make sure those things don't happen again."

Q: "Did you meet with the victim?"

A: "I did not, but someone else did, who relayed it back to me. We also met with professionals who deal with Chris."

Q: "Facing Dan Mullen, is there any concern with him knowing what's going on with your offense?"

A: "He's got a good handle on what we try to do. A lot of signals have been changed. We disguise, and we've addressed that more this year than last year."

Q: "Did you have to bring in Jeremy Foley and Bernie Machen on the decision to bring Rainey back?"

A: "Yes. It was constant communication."

Q: "Can you give us an injury update?"

A: "Good news on Demps. He's feeling much better than last week. We need his big play shot. I'd put him at probable for Saturday. (Brantley) feels much better than he did last week and he's practicing full speed. Last week we had to rest him at times. Jon Halapio had surgery on his finger, but they're saying probable to play."

Q: "What are the conditions Rainey has to meet?"

A: "We put a contract together, and he just has to fulfill his obligations before he can play."

Q: "What did the professionals say about Rainey when you spoke with them?"

A: "Chris has a history of opening his mouth and careless things coming out. This is the first time anything like this. Part of it is correcting that issue. The second part is community service, and they'll keep an eye on it. Chris is not a violent person. At times, he's said careless things. We've got to make sure it doesn't happen."

Q: "How is the team handling this two-game losing streak?"

A: "I like that they're not handling it well. There are ways to handle it. One is the blame game. I made a point that we win championships together and we come through adversity together. I've seen a positive week of practice. That doesn't mean there's a lot of skipping around, just an urgency to get better."

Q: "How did you guys get involved in the recruitment of Connecticut kids on the team?"

A: "That's Coach Addazio's home state. He had a good connection with the high school coaches and that's how you get involved in recruiting. You know what kind of person they are. Connecticut football doesn't have multiple Division One players, but it's good football. Having Steve figure out a Florida style player, it's much easier."

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