Ask Hollywood Bob...The Answers

Hollywood Bob Redman does his weekly question and answer segment with the message board folks at Fightin' Gators. Inside, there are a ton of questions that Bob will answer even if it is using delicate gloves to get across. More than 30 questions from the most knowledgeable Gator fan base are inside here at Come check it out.

Here is just a sample of what is inside.

Q: How is Dee Finley?

He is okay after being injured on special teams last week. I believe he can play this week.

Q: Is the 5-2 going to go away after how bad we've been defensively the last two games? And what more does Will Hill have to do to earn playing time for Josh Evans/Matt Elam?

I don't believe we will see it much this week because of the spread offense. We will see it again down the road IMO.

That and a lot more inside.

Ask Hollywood....The Answers
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