Duaron Williams on UF Visit

Duaron Williams, a 6-4 300-pound offensive lineman, had a chance to visit the University of Florida as the Gators hosted Mississippi State this past weekend. The Orlando (FL) Jones star liked what he saw.

"When we first got there, the atmosphere was sick," Duaron Williams said. "Everything was all orange and blue and I loved that. We went to the Gator room with TV's and we watched a ton of games and the food was great. We had wings, pork, salad and all kinds of fruit. We went down to the gator walk that was really cool watching those guys come in and stuff. I got to see Jaye Howard, he played at my school, and saw Andre Debose and he was from my area. At first I thought TV made them look bigger than I thought. On TV they look twice as big but they still got some big boys.

"We went on the field and hung out until the game started watching the guys warm up and talked to Chris Rainey and we talked for a while as well as Debose. I spent time with Coach Drayton and he has been to my school before to see me practice. I also had a chance to speak with Coach Addazio for a minute. The stadium is real real nice it gets real loud and at first I was not surprising it to be that loud but it got really really loud. I could not hear my coach talking to me and we were sitting right next to each other.

Speaking of the Jones High School head coach that would be former Miami Hurricane great Kennard Lang.

"He liked it I guess he did not say anything bad about it I think for him it was just like another game."

Williams talked about one of the best parts of the trip.

"Seeing play Jaye play was the best part for me because I have not seen him play in person since I was in middle school, but he sprained his ankle but he had 2 1/2 tackles before he got hurt."

Williams will try and get to games at Miami, Florida State, South Florida and Central Florida before the season is over.
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