Burton Looking at the Positives

Freshman quarterback Trey Burton didn't have too much to say after Florida's loss at the hands of Mississippi State. Burton was thoughtful and careful with his words after the defeat and emphasized the importance of reviewing film before making any evaluations on his team's performance. Still, he acknowledged that some things worked.

For example: pitching the ball to Omarius Hines on option plays with Burton as the signal caller. Hines was able to gain some meaningful yards despite constant blitzing from the Bulldogs when Burton took the reins as QB.

Trey Burton, who leads the team with nine touchdowns and has rushed for 138 yards on the year, has yet to show what he can do passing. Urban Meyer spoke of a much-needed offensive overhaul that should occur in the off-week. This begs the question: will we see the freshman pass in the future? Unfortunately, Burton doesn't give us too much insight here.

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