Pouncey on the Gator Offense

Florida center Mike Pouncey isn't accustomed to losing. He was on a very good high school team in Lakeland, Florida and has been a part of some very successful Gator teams. Still, Pouncey said he is making the best of UF's recent skid with three consecutive losses and hopes his team can reach its goal of getting to Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

Michael Pouncey talked about the lack of practice time for injured playmakers and how that may be affecting the rhythm of an offense that can't seem to get much going. He also discussed the O-line's performance and how he thinks they are doing with assignments and avoiding confusion.

Pouncey went on to discuss teammate Chris Rainey's return, saying he thinks Rainey could be a huge spark in this offense. Pouncey insists Rainey is the best offensive player at Florida and thinks his help will be much appreciated when he returns to the field. Pouncey does take time to add that Rainey can only be productive if he "keeps his mouth shut."

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