Media, Fans Want Accountability

I started to write yet another column on the ills of the Gator offense but realized there have been few if any subjects beaten to death more decisively than the problems the Gators have had moving the ball and scoring points this fall. So with that off the charts, I just started reading thread after thread, conversation after conversation about this team and this season.

Gator Nation is angry, but it's not bitter. It's disappointed, but it's not giving up. No, something else is going on here.

Florida expects a lot of its program and with good reason. The Gators have the resources and facilities necessary to be contenders year in and year out and they pay very good money to see that it happens. But it's not the lack of scoring that seems to bother most fans. It's the lack of accountability.

Florida is averaging 129 few yards of total offense than it did last year and the Gators are scoring 8.3 fewer points a game. In the last two weeks you've seen what a difference another touchdown could have made. In less than two years the Gators have gone from averaging 43.6 points a game to 27.6. That's an incredible drop off of 16 points a game.

And it's nobody's fault. No one is acknowledging there's a problem or accepting responsibility for it. Urban Meyer says it's not Steve Addazio's fault. Addazio says it's not the offensive line's fault. The coaches say the players are playing well and the players are supporting the coaches.

Let's all sing KUMBAYA shall we?

When Urban was hired, I remember commenting afterward that he did two things that really impressed me. The first was the embracing of Steve Spurrier's tremendous success as a standard of excellence to live up to in direct contrast to Ron Zook's 12 statements that, "I'm not Steve Spurrier." The other was the repeated use of the worse "accountability". He talked about how players and coaches have to be accountable to each other and to the University. The Gators need to be reminded of that philosophy these days.

I don't think Gator fans want to see coaches thrown under the bus nor do I believe that they want to see/hear coaches throwing players under the bus. I don't think they want details on every young players' shortcomings on and off the field, but they don't want to hear that someone "just isn't ready to play."

They don't want to hear plaudits for an offensive line/protection scheme that has underachieved and allowed six sacks in two weeks. They don't want to hear that you simply "must" have an element of the option in the offense even when the QB can't run it with any level of efficiency.

I guess what I think Gator Nation wants is for Urban Meyer to follow the lead of the fed up TV commentator in the movie "Network". It's time for Urban Meyer to stand up and scream at the top of his lungs, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more."

Am I right?

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