Clay Burton is a Gator!

Brothers have been known to play their college football together, and at the University of Florida, it's no different. Maurkice and Michael Pouncey played together for the past three seasons, and it now appears another brother combo will wear the Orange and Blue together.

"I'm a Gator," Clay Burton said. "It's just an opportunity that I can't pass up. I wasn't ready a year ago, or even six months ago, but like my brother said, I'm ready now and I earned it."

The younger Burton had originally committed to Notre Dame, but after a conversation with his brother who's playing just about every possible position for the Gator offense this season, he knew the decision to pick Florida instead was right.

"Trey said we did it, and everything was right for me," Burton said. "This has to be the most selfless decision I'll ever make."

Like his brother Trey, Clay Burton is a hard worker and leaves everything he's got on the football field every time he steps on it. This decision gives him one less thing to think about when he's playing the game he loves.

"I have great feeling of relief which is going to make me work even harder. I'm not sure where I will play. They want to see how big I get, but it will make me work even harder.

"I'm quick off the ball. I have a non-stop motor, energy, intensity, and passion. I will do whatever I need to do."

Last week, Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio went to Burton's game. Addazio asked him to give Urban Meyer a call over the weekend, so he gave Meyer a call and told him he was ready to be a Gator.

"Meyer told me I earned it. He expects intensity and passion and that's what I'm all about. I've grown as a leader and it speaks volume to the person that I am. That's why I'm in the situation I'm in right now."

"I have belief in God and I trust in him and I prayed about the decision. I feel this decision is so right, and my brother is proof that if you put in the hard work you will be rewarded at Florida."

Clay Burton's mom was emotional after Trey committed to Florida, and she had the same reaction when she learned that her sons would be playing together in Gainesville.

"My mom was in tears last night when she heard the news. My family means the most to me and we will have the best times of our lives at UF."

"I think it's a great family environment," Trey's mom Cindy Burton-McFarlane said. "I trust everyone at Florida including the coaches, wives and I love the players. Clay will work even harder with Trey at Florida and it will be a great experience for them as brothers.

"I'm a Gator through and through and I bleed Orange and Blue," she said. "We are so blessed to be able to attend the games and I love Florida. I am really excited and I was secretly hoping and praying this would happen. I truly believe he should be a Gator and I believe in that school 100 percent."

"A lot of thought has gone into this decision," Trey's uncle Matt McClintock said. "From a very young age to play together was a dream. It's been a different path for Clay and he wants to make his own way and the way he has become a leader is monumental. Florida is the best of the best and Clay is on that level. Words can't describe how I proud I am of him. Clay has worked relentlessly to make sure it was the right decision. For me personally it's always been about opening up doors for the boys so they could see what's out there. To me it means he made the best possible choice he could make for himself. Florida is the best combination of academics and athletics and Clay will get a great education. It's very satisfying for me and my family. The way we fit in with Florida it makes sense for Clay to be a part of what we already consider our family. Florida is our family and this relationship is strong and we are a part of that."

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