Gators Looking for Answers in the Red Zone

Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio believes the struggles in the red zone for the offense are easily fixed. It comes down to taking care of the ball and executing when points are possible.

"In the red zone, we've had four turnovers and four missed field goals," Steve Addazio said. "You change both of those, the numbers aren't out of whack at all. We've got to take care of the ball better, and the other issue is increase your touchdown level in there.

"Red zone efficiently is clearly that we have four turnovers and four missed field goals. It's not hard to do the homework to figure that out."

Head coach Urban Meyer spoke Monday about tweaks to the offense. The Gators searched for ways to better use their playmakers, and they will experience a boost as injured players are expected to return.

It's similar to 2005, when the Gators came into the Georgia game after losing two out of three games. There were some changes made to the offense, and it could happen again this weekend.

"We go back and evaluate things that we executed, injuries and what our situation is," Addazio said." What things do we need to adjust or spend less or more time in? That happened back then (in 2005), and it's certainly happened now."

Turnovers were a key area that Coach Meyer spoke about at Monday's press conference. The other statistic he would like to see improve that would help the offense is pass efficiency.

It's a statistic that Chris Leak and Tim Tebow were near the top of in the conference, but John Brantley's numbers are low. He ranks 10th out of quarterbacks in the SEC, something the Florida coaches are hoping changes this weekend.

"Things that go into pass efficiency are the ability to hit home run balls," Addazio said. "There are a lot of factors that go into that. I'd say that you want to be able to convert third downs and get the ball down the field to create big plays. We have thrown it down field, but have not hit on those. It's always a collective thing."

The difficulty will come in improving the offensive statistics against a Georgia defense that is improving by the week. First-year defensive coordinator Todd Grantham brought a 3-4 scheme from the Dallas Cowboys, where he served as their defensive line coach.

The unit got off to a slow start this season, but they have played well in the past three weeks.

"They have really good personnel on the field," Addazio said. "You see confidence growing. I think you see that on film and like anything, football is so momentum oriented. That's attached to it as well."

The Florida offense could get a boost if Chris Rainey returns. He is still in the process of working his way back to the team, but when he does, he could be a vital part. The injuries at running back could earn Rainey some playing time in the backfield.

"The possibility exists for that because of injuries," Addazio said. "Chris is a guy that's very talented, versatile and can do a lot of things."

The worry is that Rainey may not get the snaps in practice to become accustomed to a role that includes running back.

"It's something that you don't want to take for granted, because when guys have a lot of job descriptions, it takes a lot of practice reps," Addazio said. "Kinks can happen. That's always a concern. Did he get those exact reps in practice? With the injuries, maybe a guy didn't get the reps he's supposed to get. That's what happens when you have multiple banged up people."
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