Urban Meyer SEC Teleconference

The bye week came at a perfect time for Urban Meyer and the Gators. The playmakers were depleted from injury and the offense was lost with the players it did have. The week off gave the coaches a chance to reevaluate the offense, and there will be changes to it as Florida takes on Georgia in Jacksonville.

Q: "Any decision on Chris Rainey?"

A: "As of now, he's done everything he's supposed to do. (Thursday) is the deadline I set for him."

Q: "The lack of being able to flip field position, how much of an impact has that had?"

A: "It's been a tremendous impact. That's how we won games around here. We haven't blocked a punt this year. We're working real hard at it, but to win tight games, that's always been the difference."

Q: "Which running backs do you expect to have this week?"

A: "Demps has practiced, but he's not quite full speed. (Gillislee) isn't full speed. Moody is practicing pretty good. Rainey will be between running back and receiver if he plays."

Q: "What's Caleb Sturgis' status?"

A: "He kicked Monday, and we'll know more today. I'd say probable."

Q: "Did reevaluating the offense bring much change in your plan for Georgia?"

A: "It's going to result in some changes. It's just eye-opening the areas that are breakdowns in the offense. Number one is to get guys back. Turnovers, big plays in the run game, pass efficiency and then red zone also. We've addressed those as hard as we can. Hopefully the changes are that we'll have everybody healthy."

Q: "What does the Rainey situation do to a program to have to deal with these things and then give more chances?"

A: "I think the initial sting is a lot of negativity brought towards the program. Then it's an opportunity for a young man to clear his name and get himself right. We're going to keep a tight reign on Chris Rainey. He's never been an issue before and certainly better never be again."

Q: "Do you think too much is put on the coach when these incidents happen?"

A: "I talked to our colleagues, and one thing Florida and Georgia share is they're in a college town. Obviously, that doesn't justify some of the stupid mistakes that people make. A lot of teams deal with the same stuff, it's just not brought to that level."

Q: "What sets this rivalry apart from your other ones?"

A: "The old Gators, this is the one they're most concerned with. I found that out when I first got hired here. This is a rivalry I grew up watching, so I have a lot of respect for it. I think the success the two programs have had. Some of the great players… I used to watch this rivalry with Herschel Walker and Lindsay Scott, then Coach Spurrier's teams. I think the whole country watches this. The other thing is the arena with 50-50 fans and tailgating going on."

Q: "How much of an impact does this have on recruiting, and how often do you go up against Georgia in recruiting?"

A: "All the time. It's nose-to-nose every year. This game has a lot to do with it, but I think that's more the previous recruiting days. It's now about opportunity to play."

Q: "How does Justin Houston compare to pass rushers Georgia has had in the past?"

A: "Speed, athleticism and he gets there. Georgia has had some unbelievable defensive ends over the years, and he's right there."

Q: "Getting Rainey back for practice along with others, have you seen a difference in practice?"

A: "It looks faster when they're going. It was very clear five years ago that I've always believed in speed and big plays. When you take that out of an offense, every offense struggles. The best offenses in the country are loaded with big hits."

Q: "What do you remember from your first Florida-Georgia game?"

A: "I'm honored to be a part of it. It's hard to believe it's my sixth one. I tell our players all the time it's great because there are two quality programs."

Q: "In recent years, what are the characteristics that teams have who make it to the SEC Championship game?"

A: "The answer is obvious and it's great football players. I've always said it would've been a different season if we lost our running backs. It would've been a different season if the offensive line was banged up. It's a challenge, but one with great rewards."

Q: "Is it a plus and minus that the SEC champion is held in such high regard that it's almost an automatic bid for the national championship game?"

A: "A lot of coaches talk about that at coaches conventions. The SEC usually beats each other up. If you survive the gauntlet, it's good for the last game. But it's a constant pounding and it's hard to recover. The opposite of that is you're battle tested and ready for a big game."

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