Urban Meyer SEC Teleconference

The Florida offense had a look on Saturday that the coaches were waiting for. Patience was necessary with the injuries to multiple players on the offensive side of the ball, but they finally had speed all over the field against Georgia.

Q: "How much have the injuries hampered you on offense?"

A: "When you watch the teams that are able to make a successful run at a championship, more than anything, it's the health of your team. That looked like Florida football on Saturday. We've been dealt some blows, like every school though. You have to deal with it, but it has been a significant issue on offense."

Q: "How much pride do you have in what Utah is still doing?"

A: "I talk to Kyle (Whittingham) once a week. I love Utah. It's a great place. You watch how fast they'll get in there and mix it up with the Pac 10. To be a part of that was awesome"

Q: "How healthy are Mike Gillislee and Emmanuel Moody?"

A: "They are both 100% for the first time in quite a while. They have really good practices yesterday."

Q: "With Mississippi State losing a player, what do you remember from when you guys lost the walk-on quarterback?"

A: "We flew Cris Carter in to talk to our team because I didn't know what to do. Cris went through it when he was with the Minnesota Vikings. I texted Dan (Mullen) yesterday earlier in the day not knowing (the player passed away), and he hit me back after practice. That's terrible for the family. It's unbelievable. Dan is a smart guy and a high character person."

Q: "What's the status of Caleb Sturgis and Andre Debose?"

A: "(Sturgis) won't kick this week. They're reevaluating him every week. (Debose) is closer. We got a positive report today. He'll practice some today, and we're hoping full practice tomorrow."

Q: "Have you been happy with the progression of John Brantley, or is it a regression?"

A: "I'm a little disappointed, but to say it's all John Brantley, we've had a lot of issues. I don't believe, matter of fact I know, it's not all John Brantley. We haven't performed well. He's handled it like a grown man, and I think he played one of his best games Saturday. I'm anxious to see him play a better game this Saturday."

Q: "How are Jeff Demps and Jaye Howard?"

A: "Demps, every day they're evaluating him. Jaye Howard didn't practice yesterday, but they're hoping to get something out of him today."

Q: "Is there an injury to Carl Johnson?"

A: "He's got a strained calf, but it's limited mobility. He did it yesterday in practice. He's all-go for the game.

Q: "Can you compare the value Trey Burton has brought this year to what Tim Tebow brought in 2006?"

A: "Tremendous value. I don't know if it's fair to do that because they're unique, but it's similar. We went through (Burton's) job description yesterday when we were game planning, it should be illegal what we ask that kid to do. The fact that he can do it all and still take a shotgun snap to run this offense, that's huge."

Q: "How valuable is Chas Henry to this team?"

A: "You hate to say a player deserves it, but he deserves it. He just works hard and is a team first guy. He will do anything for this team, and he happens to be the best player in college football. He's got tremendous value."

Q: "How hard is it for a punter to move to placekicker?"

A: "It's the first time I've ever dealt with it. You're talking about a guy who did it in high school. I've done it opposite one time and had to punt with a place kicker, and that's just awful. In the old days, they'd usually do both. It's so difficult now because there's so much focus on job description. Chas played quarterback and he's an athlete. Athletes always have a tendency to adapt much quicker than non-athletes.

Q: "How happy were you with the secondary against Georgia?"

A: "We gave up some yards. That fourth quarter, we didn't play well in the secondary. I thought they won the game with the turnovers and short field they gave us. They gave up a lot of yards, but there are certainly some fine players back there."

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