Scouting Vanderbilt Offense

After facing one of the best, if not the best, offense on the schedule, the Florida Gators get a break against one of the worst, if not the worst, units they will see this season. The Vanderbilt Commodores are last in the SEC in scoring at 18.2 points a game, but in SEC games it's even worse (10.4).

In its last three games Vandy has scored a total of 21 points. They are balanced, for what it's worth ranking 11th in the conference rushing yardage (143) and 11th in passing yardage as well (144).

The Commodores best player is running back Warren Norman who has run for 459 yards and four touchdowns and caught 11 passes for another 110 yards. He's also an outstanding kick returner who averages 25.4 yards per return. His 1,127 all purpose yards are triple the next most productive player on the team.

Oh yeah, he also has a broken wrist and is out for the season.

In Norman's absence Vandy will rely more heavily on a good runner in Zac Stacy (321, 5.7, 3) while oft-injured Wesley Tate hopes to add some power running. Behind Stacy, however the next best runner is quarterback Larry Smith who has gained 351 yards on the ground and scored three touchdowns. He's also lost 146, mostly on sacks.

Smith is a so-so passer (.506, 1,030, 6/6) who does almost all of his best work outside the pocket. Once or twice a game he'll throw deep but mostly the passing game is about trying to move the chains.

Their best receiver is TE Brandon Barden (23, 11.6, 3) who is a legit SEC player. Florida gave up a lot of yardage to Georgia's Orson Charles so this is an opportunity to show some improvement. Wide receiver John Cole (16, 13.5, 1) has good hands but lacks speed. The one guy who might be good enough and fast enough to hurt Florida deep is Udom Umoh (9, 18.4, 2).

The offensive line has decent size but doesn't move well. The exception is freshman left tackle Wesley Johnson No. 67 who looks like he could be a good one. Their best guy is center Joey Bailey who has missed the last two games. Bailey has seen some practice time at left guard this week, which is an indication that freshman center Logan Stewart has solidified the center spot. If Bailey does start he will be the only senior in the lineup for Vandy.

Overall, this is a very weak offensive football team, the worst UF has seen this year. They do, however hit some big plays in the passing game and five different receivers have caught passes for 35 yards or more. That's two more guys who have done that than the Gators can point to. Florida's biggest concerns have to be keeping Smith in the pocket and not giving up any big plays. It's hard to see Vanderbilt mounting successful long drives.

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