Offense Getting the Hang of new Tempo

Head coach Urban Meyer isn't worried about his team's focus as they travel to Vanderbilt this weekend. The Commodores haven't beaten Florida since 1988, but Meyer said there isn't a problem keeping his team focused when they watch Vanderbilt on film.

"The greatest thing that happens is seeing film of them beating Ole Miss and them being 7-7 and beating South Carolina for a good portion of the game," Urban Meyer said after Thursday's practice.

Keeping focus won't be the only issue on Saturday. Temperatures are projected to be in the low 40s at kickoff in Nashville, making it by far the coldest temperatures the Gators have played in this year. The low 70s temperature that the Gators saw in Tuscaloosa when they lost to Alabama was the coldest weather they have seen before Saturday.

The other issue is time. The early kickoff always seems to be trouble for the Gators, and this one will start at 11:21 a.m. local time.

"My biggest concern is getting them up early to play that game," Meyer said. "That's a pain in the rear end."

OFFENSE PROGRESSING: The newly installed up-tempo offense is looking better with another week of practice. Meyer thought there were some inconsistencies on the field against Georgia, but that wasn't a big surprise since it was only two weeks old.

"(We are) working through the glitches," Meyer said. "We had penalties last week. You couldn't have done that without a bye week. I relate it back to '05 when we did make those changes."

While they try to perfect the small aspects of it, the offensive coaching staff has also added some new wrinkles this week.

"What we're doing now is adding and adding," Meyer said. "Like everything eventually, the defense will stop it. You have to keep adding to make sure you're one step ahead of the defense."

The response Meyer has heard from offensive players is positive. They knew that the offense needed a spark as it went towards the bye week, and the success has them sold on the up-tempo concept.

"They see it work," Meyer said. "It would be a problem if they didn't see it work. I talked to a bunch of the players one-on-one about why we're doing it and what we're doing, and it's all positive right now."

INJURY REPORT: Defensive tackle Jaye Howard "doesn't look good" to play Saturday with a sprained ankle. Wide receiver Ande Debose, suffering from the same injury, practiced Thursday and will play.

Offensive lineman Carl Johnson has a strained calf and will play. Wide receiver Robert Clark has an ankle injury and will play, although "limited."

Running back Jeff Demps didn't practice as much this week as he did last week, but Meyer said they are just being smart with him. He will play Saturday.

Meyer also said Desmond Parks is out for the rest of the year after having his third wrist surgery. Meyer called him a "tough kid," and they are expecting him back for spring practice.

REED ROLE EXPANDS: Meyer has said all week that Jordan Reed's role will continue to expand, and that he will throw the ball on Saturday.

"He's earning his rights," Meyer said. "He's a talented guy. There's nothing like seeing a 240-pound big guy, and he can throw."

Despite how effective Reed has been running the ball and the coaches trusting him enough to throw it, Meyer says they won't consider moving him back to quarterback. The physical part of the position isn't all that goes into it.

"The multiplicity of the position," Meyer said. "You'll see what he can do Saturday. He's worked really hard. He's coming of age."
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