Hammond's Value Increasing

It's hard for Frankie Hammond to remember the plays on offense or special teams where he isn't on the field. It just doesn't occur very often. Injuries and Hammond's high level of play have forced him on the field more often than not.

"He played 70 plays, plus 20 plays on special teams," Florida head coach Urban Meyer said. "It's hard not to call him one of our MVPs right now."

Andre Debose and Robert Clark were injured and couldn't play against Georgia, making Hammond even more valuable.

The extra amount of time on the field would wear a normal player down, but Hammond took the extra conditioning serious in the bye week, which was aimed at the players improving to run the up-tempo offense.

"Within the two weeks, we went no huddle and they worked us hard in practice," Hammond said. "I'm in shape and ready for it."

The mindset for Hammond has been the same since he was off the team in the offseason. He was arrested in early June and charged with a DUI. He was immediately suspended from team activities. Hammond lost his scholarship and worked his way back onto the team.

"Everything happens for a reason," Hammond said. "I made a mistake that could've been prevented, but it happens. In my opinion, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It was a second chance, and I'm working hard to do what I have to do."

After the incident, Hammond dedicated himself to becoming valuable to the team. He learned every wide receiver position in the offense, as well as every role in special teams that the coaches would let him play on the field.

"I'm just doing my role," Hammond said. "I just want to do what I can to help the team. Some guys are down, so I've got to move around, but my goal is to do whatever I have to do."

Hammond heard since he came to campus from former wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales and current coach Zach Azzanni the importance Florida put on blocking on the outside. He bought into that concept as yet another way for him to earn his way back into the good graces of the coaches.

"They always emphasize blocking on the perimeter, and that's one thing I've really tried to get good at," Hammond said. "It's about springing those running backs on the outside. I made blocking my number one priority."

Hammond has become a bigger part of the offense in recent weeks as well. His connection with John Brantley was evident since his first game back from suspension, when Hammond caught a key touchdown on third down at Tennessee.

"He's improving in all areas," Hammond said of the quarterback. "He switches with Trey Burton because of our offense, but he's getting more comfortable passing. He's getting comfortable in the pocket, picking up blitzes and helping out the O-line. We're just coming together as a team.
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