Coach Zook Chat Transcript

Here is Coach Zook's transcript from a chat he held today. The chat updates the status of the football team plus lots of notes about spring practice and more!

The following is a transcript from Coach Zook's live chat on March, 28 2003. Thank you to everyone who participated.
[gators] Coach how are some of the younger players on the defensive line looking (McGrew, Bunce and the two Harris' specifically)
Coach Zook We've been very happy with Travis Harris's move. The attitude is getting better all the time. Stephen Harris has had an excellent spring so far. Obviously the Defensive Line is a position that we need a lot of reps at.
[dll] Coach how about Earl Everett coming in and starting at LB?
Coach Zook We are expecting big things out of Earl. To say he is going to come in and start, we'll have to wait and see.
[CCGator] Coach how do you find time for Leak to vie to start if the 3 QB's are doing well
Coach Zook We make time for all of them to compete.
[gators] Willie Green practices then is held out of contact for a couple of days. Is there a point where you say that for quality of life reasons later on that maybe he can't take any more hits?
Coach Zook We've talked to Willie about this and want to keep Willie around as long as he wants to. He has a great attitude.
[CoachG74] I am an alumni of Vero Beach High School and a die hard Gators fan. I was recently reading last years media guide and noticed that VB aumni #69, Casey Griffith, was a non-scholarship player. He was a very important member of last year's team and a long snapper is vital to a team's sucess. Is he going to recieve a scholarship this year. I htink that he is very deserving.
Coach Zook Casey is very deserving of a scholarship.
[cindy(ga. gator)] do you know yet who will be our starting quarterback?
Coach Zook It is too early to be able to say who the starting quarterback will be.
[eric] Is the kicking game going to be better than last year as it didn't seem to get better during the year?
Coach Zook It better be!
[germangator] Helo Coach, greetings from germany. What do you think of the situation in the secondary. Do we have enough db's to make some plays and help the offense? Go Gators
Coach Zook Thanks for keeping us safe. We will be inexperienced but good in the secondary.
[Cathy] Hi Coach Zook! Thanks for chatting with us today...there has been a lot of discussion about Keiwan working this Spring as a WR instead of practicing at Corner....many think he doesn't need a lot of practice at corner so this is all good since he adds to our WR threat... what can you tell those who are concerned?
Coach Zook Keiwan has a special knack with the ball in his hands and is doing an excellent job as a receiver and can also play defense if needed.
[G8tor4Life] Ingle seems to have surprised alot of folks, are the coaches surprised?
Coach Zook No, we expected Ingle to be where he is.
[eric] How is Deshawn Wynn doing at RB ?
Coach Zook Excellent!
[G8tor4Life] Coach is a dual QB role such as UGA a possibility.
Coach Zook It is too early to tell but it is a possibility.
[marco] hi coach.If Ingle Martin doesn't start as QB,will you let him play as receiver?I saw him play a few minutes last season.thanks
Coach Zook We will cross that bridge if and when we come to it. Right now he is strictly a quarterback.
[gators] What's been your impression of Ratliff so far on offense? Also what's your assesment of Vickers and some of the second year receivers (Baker, Lewis, Holmes and Tookes)?
Coach Zook Keiwan has done an excellent job. The young receivers have completed extremly hard and we will be more productive in our receiving corp.
[Arizgator] How do each of the new front seven individually look ?
Coach Zook They are all competing and improving. We've had 2 of the best practices since I've been here.
[Billgator] will Justin Midget fit into the office as a drop back passer. I ask because it seems as though we were heading more to the use of a scrambling roll-out passer last season.
Coach Zook This offense allows you flexibility to do what your players do best.
[ChompChomp] Is Gavin Dickey as talented at QB as some of the players have suggested.
Coach Zook Yes.
[Cathy] Coach I was at the scrimmage last Saturday and I was very, very impressed. Everybody looks like they really knew where they were supposed to be and what they were supposed to do. While I know we are very young I feel very do you feel about this team in comparison to last year at the same time?
Coach Zook I feel like we are ahead of where we were at this time last year.
[Ewell] Will the defense change schemes this coming season?
Coach Zook No.
[gators] How long before Taurean Charles returns to practice?
Coach Zook He will be back today.
[Graham] How do the junior college guys seem to be progressing?
Coach Zook We are very pleased with their progress.
[jmc] Coach how is Mike Degory developing and do You see him as the leader of your offensive line?
Coach Zook Absolutely. He is a very good player.
[bubba103185] how has Gavin Dickey looked and competed through the spring practice so far.
Coach Zook All 3 quarterbacks have competed extremely well and they have all been very impressive at times.
[kerwin12] Joe Cohen sounds like a Ron Dayne type body and runner. Could you see Joe developing to be a featured back, if he presents Ron Dayne-like talent ?
Coach Zook Absolutely.
[Tim] Coach, What are your thoughts on the punting and kicking game for the upcoming season?
Coach Zook We will improve in both areas.
[bubba103185] how will our new signees fit into the team next year and will they be redshirted?
Coach Zook It is too early to tell if they will be redshirted. We forsee most, if not all, of them playing.
[gators] What position do you feel is the deepest and what position worries you the most?
Coach Zook The Running Back position is the deepest. The Linebackers have the least experience.
[Billgator] at the scrimmage Saturday will it be number 1 offense against number 2 defense and vice versa or a different format?
Coach Zook It will be 1's vs. 1's - 2's vs. 2's - 3's vs. 3's
[JoeGator] Coach, please tell me there is a possibility that the first time we get kicked to this season that Cadwell and Webb will be back there ready to catch it. The thought two guys that can break one off every time would be awesome
Coach Zook There is more than a possibility.
[gators] It's never to early to talk recruiting - What are the priorities for next year and will we hit the JUCO's hard again? (BTW.. CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT CLASS!!)
Coach Zook It is important that we continue to sign good student athletes. We are very much involved in recruiting right now and would probably only take a need from Junior College.
[cindy(ga. gator)] will you miss rex grossmans arm and mind?
Coach Zook Rex was an excellent Gator. We will miss all of the Seniors.
[bubba103185] How will our defensive scheme change this year will the arrival of Charlie Strong?
Coach Zook Very little.
[JoeGator] Coach, who is the fastest guy on the team?
Coach Zook Ran Carthon, DeShawn Wynn, Ben Troupe, and Kelvin Kight.
[Mark2] Coach Zook, I love the positive attitude you bring to Gator Football and it is starting to show in the players, especially the role they played in bring in this last recuiting class. Do you feel the team is starting to take on the personality of you and your staff.
Coach Zook The football team and the staff are growing very close.
[gators] Coach what players have really surprised you with their effort so far this spring?
Coach Zook The effort has been excellent since the day we got back from the Bowl game. The competition has raised the level of enthusiasm. Everyone is trying to become the best that they can.
[Cathy] Chris Leak was at practice last Saturday and I understand he is diligently studying film and the playbook. When will he be full time on campus? I am very impressed that he chose UF knowing how deep we with great QB talent...if Dickey and Ingle continue to look sharp what are the redshirt scenarios and will that be up to the individual QB's to decide?
Coach Zook It is too early to talk about redshirting anyone. He will be here with the majority of the other freshmen for Summer B.
[ChompChomp] Any fear of losing recruits that don't start. any promised not to redshirt
Coach Zook We didn't anyone that they would start.
[Tim] Coach, which QB would start if we were playing at Miami this Saturday?
Coach Zook I'm glad that we are not playing this Saturday.
[gators] Earlier you said that Ratliff was doing excellent on offense and would play defense if there was a need for him. Does that mean that if two other corners show they are capable - we'll see Keiwan mainly on offense?
Coach Zook We feel that Keiwan can play both sides of the ball extremely well and he gives us the flexibility to use him on both sides.
[kerwin12] Does Dallas Baker present the same challenge to a defense as Taylor Jacobs did? He sounds like physically he could become world class. Is he ready to dominate SEC competition ?
Coach Zook Dallas is a different type of receiver than Taylor. However, he does present a big challenge.
[JoeGator] Does Larry Kendrick have the hips and speed to be a starting SEC corner?
Coach Zook Surprisingly, yes.
[gators] Coach how's Big Mo doing?
Coach Zook Improving every day.
[Arizgator] Will inexperience greatly limit the defense ?
Coach Zook Possibily in the beginning, but we will improve rapidly.
[Anthony] Coach Zook,do you think that Chris Leak will start or at least have a chance to start?
Coach Zook We have told Chris and Justin that they will be given an opportunity to compete for the Quarterback position.
[JoeGator] Everyone is a little worried about Eric Holcombe panning out. Does he have what it takes?
Coach Zook Absolutely.
[GreenNScaly] Hi Coach, it seems that more than ever players are leaving before their 4 years of eligibility are used up. HOw does that affect your attitude towards redshirting?
Coach Zook It is something that you have to think about. However, it is not the only factor.
[ChompChomp] Dallas baker appears to be a man against boys at times. A tribute to him or is the secondary hurting right now.
Coach Zook We feel Dallas has a chance to be an excellent football player.
[Anthony] What freshman is doing the best in Spring Practice?
Coach Zook They are all doing well and competing very hard.
[gators] You went from recruiting to spring ball. Have you had a chance to spend some time away from football yet? We don't want you burning out...
Coach Zook Yes, don't worry.
[JoeGator] Does DeShawn Wynn remind you of Erict Rhett?
Coach Zook DeShawn is faster.
[GatorLT] Coach, What major steps were taken to improve the special teams so far
Coach Zook We will have more athleticism on our teams. Our kickers will be more experienced.
[JoeGator] What was Ian Scott's explanation for leaving. We clearly needed him, he clearly would have benefitted from another year in school (in the minds of NFL people) Why'd he go? Doesn't seem any logic behind it.
Coach Zook Ian did what he thought was best for him.
[marco] do you think that this season's miami team is weaker than last season's?
Coach Zook We are focusing on our team right now.
[JoeGator] Could tell us specifically about Ingle's arm. What kind of strength does he have? Has he improved in this area?
Coach Zook Ingle has improved considerably in accuracy and release.
[Arizgator] Are there any injured players who may not be ready for the season?
Coach Zook Not at this point.
[GatorLT] A lotta Gators in or heading to the Gulf say Go Gators!!!
Coach Zook Thanks - Go Gators!!
[JoeGator] Whatta you guys gonna do with little Vernell. Will he get lost in the shuffle?
Coach Zook No, Vernell is competing very hard.
[Cathy] In a perfect world - we hit on all cylinders with our OL giving our QB the time - what kind of offense would we see? As the world knows we may be the greatest fans but we are also spoiled rotten - with our young QB and great RB's most of us think we won't see a lot of deep passes for another year at least? What is the perfect scenario and it is possible with this years team?
Coach Zook We will do what our players do best and we will be an exciting offense.
[kerwin12] Coach Zook, are you going to call as many offensive plays this year? Or is Coach Z going to increase his autonomy over play-calling?
Coach Zook I will be involved in all 3 phases of the game.
[gators] What have you thought so far about the two freshmen linebackers Crum and Crowder?
Coach Zook Athletic - Talented - Improving
[rgator] How is Ciatrick Fason coming along?
Coach Zook Extremely well
[GJ] Coach, with five QBs available in the fall. Do you see any of them being able to play other positions if they aren't going to get significant QB time?
Coach Zook Right now we want to find the best Quarterback for the Florida Gators.
[GatorTom] Will we see more QB running plays with the athletes we will have at QB?
Coach Zook Possibly.
[JoeGator] Do any of our DE's have the chance to be dominating. Don't say all of them :)
Coach Zook Darrell Lee and Bobby McCray
[Travis] What will Willie Green role be next year?
Coach Zook It depends on his health.
[anthony] Will Kelvin Kight be the main go to guy on offense?
Coach Zook Hopefully, we will have a bunch of people to get the ball into their hands.
[GatorTom] Are you impressed with the strides Reggie Vickers has made so far in the spring?
Coach Zook Yes
[mrgatorman] What kind of Goals do you have set for this next season. Thanks and GO GATORS!!!
Coach Zook Very similar to the goals of last year.
[Travis] What do you think will be our biggest games this year?
Coach Zook All of them
[anthony] Has Ingle Martin improved his punting or are we getting a new punter?
Coach Zook Ingle is concentrating on the Quarterback position right now
[austin] When will Taurean Charles start practicing or has he already started?
Coach Zook He will practice today.
[JoeGator] Reports are that Gavin looks good, but seems to be throwing to all the short routes and reluctant to go deep. Is this because he's a little tentative and to get the ball away quick, he goes short? Will this get better with experience?
Coach Zook Gavin has thrown the deep ball extremly well in our opinion.
[anthony] Is Carlos Perez fully recovered from his leg injury?
Coach Zook Not quite
[mrgatorman] It seems that one of our big concerns is our defense. How do we look in defense and do we have any superstars on the horizon?
Coach Zook The defense has improved every practice. Guss Scott and Bobby McCray can be exceptional players.
[Travis] What does the WR position look this year? Will Leak have some good targets?
Coach Zook We should have much more depth
[GatorSwagger] Is special teams improving any?
Coach Zook Yes
[GatorTom] Who was a suprise commit in this years recruiting class?
Coach Zook Our staff worked extremely hard in recruiting all of our players.
[JoeGator] We're gonna miss fan favorite Todd Johnson. If you had to guess, do you think the NFL thinks enough of him to draft him on the first day?
Coach Zook Yes - we will miss him also
[anthony] Most of our D-Line have graduated or moved on to the NFL, does this mean that some freshman DE will get to start like Jarvis Moss?
Coach Zook We forsee all of the Defensive Linemen having a chance to compete.
[GatorTom] Do you see maybe using Andre Caldwell passing skills in maybe using him in some trick plays?
Coach Zook Don't tell anybody!
[JoeGator] Last year it seemed like our receivers ended up bunching up in the same area alot, any idea why? Will this change?
Coach Zook Our receiving corp is improving everyday.
[kerwin12] Which player on the team hates to lose the most ?
Coach Zook Hopefully, all of them.
[gators] Bobby McCray seems to be more of a leader this year. Is it something he grew into as he matured or have you prodded him along into being more involved?
Coach Zook Both
[GatorTom] Are any of the incoming freshman visited the team during spring drills?
Coach Zook Yes
[gators] Who are the team leaders on offense and defense? Will there be season captains this year or will you choose them game by game?
Coach Zook On offense we have Max Starks, Shannon Snell, Keiwan Ratliff, and Ran Carthon. On defense, we have Guss Scott, Daryl Dixon, and Bobby McCray.
[anthony] With our athletic offense, will we see any trick plays?
Coach Zook Yes
[Travis] Congrats on your great recruiting year. How many of them will have an imediate impact?
Coach Zook We expect all of them to have an impact.
[mrgatorman] What do you feel is your biggest concern with regard to position depth? Again thx.
Coach Zook Linebackers
[GatorTom] Do you have a list of who is a must get for next years class or will you wait till the HS football season starts?
Coach Zook Recruiting is a year round process.
[mrgatorman] During the regular season last year, what do you feel was your biggest success and your biggest failure
Coach Zook There were a lot of positive things that happened last year.
[JoeGator] I realize this sounds insane, but on absolutely, positively passing downs, why not put Vernell at defensive end? IS there a O-tackle in America that could get their hands on him. He'd be in the backfield in two seconds!
Coach Zook We might look at that.
[anthony] Is Chris Leak ready to compete at a college level?
Coach Zook We think so.
[GatorTom] What Senior has stepped up as a leader so far this spring?
Coach Zook All of our Seniors have done a good job.
[anthony] Of all the QB's who is doing the best so far in Spring Practice?
Coach Zook They are all competing and improving every day.
[Cathy] Speaking of raised the standard! They are still fussing and fuming in the Panhandle (hehe) and it looks like all the coaches are going to have "sleep fast" to keep up with UF - have you seen this on the recruiting trail?
Coach Zook We will continue to recruit as hard as we can recruit.
[GatorTom] How is Coach Miller gelling with the LB corp?
Coach Zook He is doing a great job.
[gators] Coach if you could change one thing about last season (other than winning them all) what would it be?
Coach Zook I would have played more freshmen.
[GatorTom] Do you ever talk to Coach Donovan about sports or anything?
Coach Zook Yes - we have a very good relationship. He did a great job this year.
[gators] Do you think Daryl Dixon can return after that long lay off and still be effective? Does Herring have a chance to take that spot from him?
Coach Zook Yes, they will both play an awful lot of football.
[JoeGator] My biggest complaint last year is that some of our plays, especially our running plays took forever to develop before the ballhandler got to the line, any changes here?
Coach Zook We have tweaked our Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.
Coach Zook Thanks to all of the great Gators! We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to seeing you in the Swamp! Go Gators!!

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