QB3 is Fine with Brantley

It is all about winning the game for junior starting quarterback John Brantley. After a three-game losing streak, the Florida offense has come on in the last two weeks at the hands of three different quarterbacks. The rotation of three quarterbacks might upset some starters, but Brantley is all smiles after a win and couldn't be happier for his team.

What the Gators are accomplishing on offense is pretty impressive given the fact that they have really only tried the swap and the up-tempo no-huddle offense for about four weeks now. For Brantley, the intricacies of the offense is playing into their hands and allowing him to have a smile on his face after the team wins.

"You never know (who will be at quarterback)," John Brantley said with a wry grin when asked about the quarterback trio after Florida's 55-14 win over Vanderbilt Saturday. "I liked it a lot, anything for us to win, I am all for it."

Brantley isn't sure if the substitution is causing him to be out of rhythm.

"It is too tough to tell, but I like it so far," he said. "I'm not complaining.

The current feelings are a far cry from what Brantley and the rest of the team was feeling three weeks ago. The offensive changes have fired a spark into this team, even though the play calls are a lot of the same.

"Since our new offense got rolling, I started feeling (good)," he said. "Just the offense and seeing what it did last weekend and this weekend, we are just going to keep moving forward."

Brantley said they aren't sure which quarterback will run the next play. All of the assignments come from signals called from the sideline when they are already on the field. The result has been the offense staying fresh while they wear out the defense and the defense having to guess a lot as to what is going to come at them next.

"Signs, we just look over at the sideline and figure it out," he said with a grin. "You never know who is going to be at quarterback. To be able to go in and out of that and having different players touching the ball to keep everyone rested even though it's a no-huddle offense. It is running a lot smoother because we have been running it for four weeks now.

Brantley said it has opened up holes in the defense because they have not been able to switch coverages and schemes when the Gators go to a different quarterback as they set up the play.

"When Trey is at quarterback they like to play more man and take away the option," he said. "When I play back there they prepare more for pass and prepare more blitzes. Last week (they got stuck in the opposite defense) and that is what we hoped they would do. This week they checked out of it until the touchdown to Rainey, because Trey got the ball and flea flickered it back, so that kind of caught them off guard."

The flea-flicker was a hand off to backup quarterback Trey Burton who flipped the ball back to Brantley who threw it deep for Chris Rainey. The ball was a little under thrown and Rainey made an amazing catch. It was Brantley's first touchdown pass since the first quarter of the Kentucky game.

"It felt good, it floated on me a bit, but it was a heck of a catch by Chris Rainey," Brantley said. "I'm not used to this cold weather. It was a great catch by Rainey and all my other receivers did a great job."

The third quarterback that has become a factor for Florida is Jordan Reed. Brantley was 11-for-18 for 157 yards and two touchdowns on the day and tight end/quarterback Jordan Reed was 11-for-19 for 120 yards and a touchdown. Reed also ran the ball 16 times for 84 yards in the game, something Brantley is not so adept at.

Brantley was impressed with Reed's performance.

"He's been practicing very hard and it showed today," Brantley said. "He did a great job running and throwing the ball. That is impressive out here because he never warmed up his arm or anything, so to see him come out here and do that is awesome."

Seeing Reed and Burton in the backfield has been a blessing because of the wins that have come with the change.

"We are just here to win games and whatever it takes to do that I am all for it, he said. "It's not a good feeling when you lose, and it is a great feeling when you win."

Now Brantley and the Gators are set to prepare for a one game playoff to play for the SEC Championship. The Gators host South Carolina next week, and the winner will advance to Atlanta three weeks later to play the SEC West division champion.

Brantley will get started on the plane ride back to Gainesville Saturday.

"I sit next to Coach Loeffler on the plane," he said. "We will definitely start having conversations (about the game plan). We are excited to be in this position. Even though it is cold out here, we are very excited."

Brantley likes the way his coaching staff prepares for big games, even though it hasn't worked out much this season.

"South Carolina is a great team," he said. "We just have to prepare really hard and Coach Meyer does a great job of getting us prepared for games like this. As long as we have a great week of practice and we keep moving forward, it will be a really good game."

The last two wins have been so different from the previous three losses. A team that was stalled is now suddenly playing for a chance at the Sec title.

"It makes up for it and it gives us a chance and that's all we want," Brantley said. "We always want to be fighting for a shot to Atlanta and that's what we're doing."

It's South Carolina's turn to try and figure out QB3.
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