Friday Practice Notes and Photo Gallery

Practice notes and photo gallery from today's practice. The Gators will scrimmage tomorrow morning, with practice starting at 9 am.

Practice Notes
  • The offense continues to easily move down the field in 7 on 7, and 11 on 11 drills. 
  • The Quarterbacks are showing a tendency to look for the Tight ends and running backs, picking up nickel and dime yardage consistently. 
  • Ben Troupe is getting more receptions then any other player, though he has dropped a few too many passes.  He has looked very good throughout the spring and finally UF might have serious contributions from the Tight End position. 
  • It was exciting to see red zone formations with Dallas Baker, O.J. Small, and Troupe all on the field at the same time, all big targets who can catch the ball.
  • The rotating running backs also have show the ability to break big runs.  Ran Carthon broke a few runs over twenty yards, one off of a great play fake by Ingle Martin who was leading the first team.  DeShawn Wynn and Ciatrick Fason both looked good today, with Fason showing better shakes and Wynn showing pure power in the backfield.  The two showed the ability to catch the ball on the wing and make moves in the open field.
  • The Quarterback battle continues to show no clear leader.  Ingle Martin looked sharp at times today, but often held on to the ball too long.  Gavin Dickey broke a couple of nice runs after checking off receivers.  The option has been seen a lot more this spring then in the past.  The coaches seem to be committed to using it with so much quickness in the backfield at both Quarterback and Tailback.
  • On the defensive side corners Larry Kendrick and Johnny Lamar have been running with the first team. This position is a little out of tune with Keiwan Ratliff working mainly with the receivers.  The corners have been shaky all spring having too many breakdowns that lead to long TD's. 

Photo Gallery

WR Dallas Baker lines up against Jarvis Herring.

Channing Crowder (left) works on tackling.

Eric Holcombe gets ready for the next drill.

Kelvin Kight lined up verses Johnny Lamar.

Reggie Vickers makes a diving touchdown catch.

Coach Zook working with the punt block team.

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