The State Has Returned to Order

Talk about a whacky month. College football in October in the state of Florida has been so far out of the norm, you would have to go back to 2003 to find anything like it. The month of November rolls around and the Florida Gators have repositioned themselves where they belong. At the top of the food chain when it comes to state of Florida college football.

October certainly was unexpected, in Gainesville. Two home losses and a third loss in a very lopsided fashion on the road had the Gators reeling and looking for answers. Meanwhile, in state foes Florida State and Miami were feasting on ACC has-beens and building up their resumes for the post season.

A funny thing happened on the way to November. Florida found a bye week, healed some injuries, and changed a few things on offense to help their luck and roll off a couple of high scoring wins. The Gators are back in the BCS Top 25 and sitting at No. 24. In the meantime, Florida State loses back to back games against conference foes and Miami loses a couple and their quarterback for a while to injury.

In the meantime, upstart Central Florida has started a rise in-state and has catapulted ahead of the last two in both the coaches' and AP polls and even surpassed Florida in the coaches' poll. Florida is the only in-state school in the BCS Top 25.

Truth be told, it is a down year for all the teams, but one of the group lost nine players to the NFL last year and was going to face at least a bit of a rebuilding year. Only one of the group plays in a conference with seven teams in the BCS Top 25 (the ACC has one, No. 17 Virginia Tech). Only one of the group has losses to three top 20 BCS teams. Of course Florida is the call on all three statements.

In a weird season, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Florida sits atop the rest of the state in football with a battle on the road still to remain with Florida State. All the crowing over the last few weeks has and will come to a halt.

Florida has been there and is striving to get back to an even higher plateau that they are used to. The others are better than they have been, but can we really tell with the level of competition they face week in and week out? The ACC is bad enough for most to lose their BCS automatic qualifier bid.

At least for now, the state of Florida football has returned to its rightful order.
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