Scouting South Carolina Offense

It's been a strange season to this point for the Florida Gators who take a 6-3 overall record and 4-3 SEC mark into their next contest. No matter, the Gators are now in position to play in the first head-to-head winner take all game for the heavyweight championship of the SEC Eastern Division.

The Gators and Gamecocks are quite similar in that when they play their best they can beat anyone, but they have enough flaws to lose to almost anyone.

Offensively, the Gamecocks are very similar to the Georgia team Florida just played two weeks ago. They have good balance with 147 yards on the ground and 249 through the air and average 29.4 points a game. They have been a little turnover prone and have not been a great "red zone" team.

The key to Carolina's offense is junior QB Stephen Garcia who is a much improved player and decision maker…. most of the time. He's completing 68 percent of his passes with 14 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He's also gained the second most rushing yardage on the team before you take out sack yardage. They make use of some read-option plays just as the Gators do.

Marcus Lattimore is probably the best rookie running back in the country. He's averaging 94 yards a game and has rushed for 11 touchdowns. He's also a pretty good receiver (15-16.7, 2). Brian Maddox is a good second runner and had 146 against Vandy. Patrick DiMarco, nephew of Gator Golf great Chris DiMarco is a blocking fullback with 10 pass receptions. Of course as a fullback in Spurrier's offense he never carries the ball.

Once again the Gators are faced with a team that features two tall wide receivers who are really good players. The good news is the Gators did very well in their last game against a top notch big wide receiver (Georgia's A.J. Green). Alshon Jeffrey (59-17.5, 4) is in the A.J. Green class while Tori Gurley (36, 9.9, 4) is more of a possession guy. They also have a quick smurf in Ace Sanders (18, 11.8) from Bradenton.

The offensive line is steady and pretty consistent. Left tackle No. 7S6 Jarell King is the best and most experienced in the group. The one knock on them is that they have allowed 22 sacks.

Overall, this is a very good offensive team. Florida's top priority has to be to limit Lattimore because the better he does the easier life is for Garcia. The Gators also need to make Garcia keep the ball on running plays and then punish him. When he takes shots early he tends to struggle as the game does on, which is normal.

Tomorrow, a look at South Carolina's defense and special teams.

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