Jernigan Talks About his Florida Trip

Five-star defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan from Columbia (FL) Lake City made a trip to The Swamp for the Florida/South Carolina game Saturday night and said he felt very comfortable there. Jernigan opted to head to Gainesville instead of Tallahassee after previously planning on visiting FSU.

Tim Jernigan wasn't too thrilled with Florida's loss to South Carolina but said it was good to see UF's needs on their D-line first hand.

"I really thought they were going to win that game so that was pretty disappointing that they lost. They have a lot leaving on the D-line though and it seems like there could be a good chance to play early after I saw what I saw. I was just sitting back and really watching. I didn't really get a chance to talk to too many coaches. I talked to coach Meyer for a second but I think they were all pretty busy."

At 6-2, 285-pounds, Jernigan said he has a good relationship with Meyer but his favorite coach is D-line coach Dan McCarney.

"Coach McCarney is a good dude. He has always been the same and hasn't changed. I always know how he's going to be and I like him. He's funny sometimes too."

As for his true feelings on UF, Jernigan said there are a few things weighing into his reasoning behind putting Florida outside of his top schools (Florida State, LSU, Alabama, Michigan, USC).

"I'm not saying I wouldn't go to Florida. Here's the thing about Florida: it wouldn't be a change. I am kind of used to it there because I've been so much. I'm in Gainesville all the time and my sister even lives there so it would definitely be close to home and everything but my family doesn't care where I go as long as I'm happy."

Jernigan talked about three schools that are rising to the top in his eyes right now.

"I really like FSU, Alabama and LSU and of course I'm still looking at Florida. I wish I knew where I was going so I could just make a decision and get it over with but I don't yet. For me, distance isn't really a factor. I want to try and play early no matter what."

Jernigan on Alabama:

"I really liked it there when I went for the game when they played Florida. I couldn't believe how loud it was. It seems like a great place to play and I like the coaches and what they tell me."


"My dad really liked it and it was crazy because they beat Alabama. That atmosphere is awesome."

On Florida State:

"I'm not actually trying to just play in the SEC or anything so I definitely like FSU. I think I could play early there probably."

On Michigan:

"Distance really doesn't matter to me like I said and I liked it there a lot when I visited. I don't know if it would be too cold though. I've never seen snow."


"L.A. is crazy and I liked it a lot. That place is so different so it was definitely cool to see and it could be a good place to play."

Jernigan said he is upset his Columbia team is not going to the playoffs but he is also glad to have some more free time to really devote to choosing a school where he will build his future. Currently, however, he maintains Florida State, Alabama and LSU have separated themselves from the pack but he still isn't close to making a choice and other schools like Florida, Michigan and USC are certainly in the mix.
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