Saturday Scrimmage Report

The Gators held a long two and a half hour scrimmage in the Swamp yesterday at the midpoint of Spring Practice. In doing so the offense was able to capitalize against the second and third team defense with some strong running for success. Click here for a full report.

The starting defense (which is still not set ) really got after the number one offense and created a lot of pressure and confusion. The offense did not get better on the field today in the passing game. It looked very similar to the attack against LSU where no one was making anything happen and getting open. The good news is that the young players can go see the tape and work on the blocking at the outside point of attack. UF has used the tight end so much this spring that they almost seemed to make an effort to get away from it and work outside. Give the defense credit they did a nice job bottling up the middle of the field. Run defense is still a concern as the offense was able to get huge chunks of yardage especially from Fason and Wynn. Overall a good solid yet unspectacular day in the Swamp.

The offense was not as sharp as it has been in recent scrimmages. The base offense was one back with tight end. Offensively they were able to move the ball on the ground but really struggled getting receivers open versus cover two. Conversely they gave up more coverage sacks than the previous scrimmage. Overall Ingle Martin continued to impress at Quarterback going 6-9 for 47 yards. He left the scrimmage early from a concussion on a hit by Travis Harris who was trailing the option play. He should be OK and we will know more about his status on Monday. Dickey got a lot of work throwing the ball 26 times completing 18 for 169 yards. He threw a lot of swings, bubble screens and hitches. He had to come to his secondary receivers because of the zone coverage. He showed flashes of scrambling brilliance and still seems even - at worst - with Ingle Martin half way through Spring. Patrick Dosh took more shots down the field versus the threes and was 10-17 for 107 yards. He seems to be behind the other two quarterbacks and still has a ways to go. 

The running game is ahead of the passing game right now. This is a combination of the offensive line led by Snell and Starks handling the inexperienced defensive line and the talent at running back. The effort is also being made to be more committed to the run for longer periods of time during scrimmages. Deshawn Wynn continues to impress  and is the toughest head on to tackle. The best day may have been by Ciatrick Fason who broke a lot of tackles and showed good speed to the corner yet he fumbled three times. He had two long runs one of which was 32 yards. Carthon is still the starter and proved it today, yet he could not finish the extra long scrimmage because of  a foot injury. More on his status on Monday. 

The offensive line really seems to be blocking the run very well at the point of attack, good days were also had by Mike Degory and Billy Griffin

The receivers struggled in a couple areas today. First against the cover 2 zone they could not separate and find the areas as well as Coach Zaunbreaker would have liked. This was particularly evident in the fact there were no touchdowns other than a shovel pass from Ingle Martin to backup running back Jimtavis Walker. Florida worked on the run game in the red zone area. Kewain Ratliff had 4 catches for 21 yards mostly on hitches looking for him to break something big. Kelvin Kight had the most yards in 96 on 4 catches including a 45 yarder over Cory Bailey on a scramble play from Gavin Dickey. OJ Small continues to have a solid spring catching 5 for 45 and Dallas Baker had 3 for 42 on the day. Dallas is busting some assignments mentally but that will improve with experience. Because of pressure and coverage, the Quarterbacks had to throw to the backs. Ben Troupe did not get involved until late in the scrimmage with 2 catches.

Other receivers of note: Carlos Perez was a non factor with only 1 catch for 2 yards. David Kenner seems to be a little slow (maybe because of his surgery he is not 100%) and was shutout. He will be a blocking tight end though. Reggie Vickers 2 catches 15 yards, Kenneth Tookes struggled with some drops and only had 1 catch for 20 yards. Terrence Holmes ran with the backups and had 1 catch for 5 yards. Vernell Brown caught 3 balls on screens and hitches. Reggie Lewis did not practice. One bright note - Jemalle Cornelius had 1 catch for 10 yards but he ran some nice routes including one that had him open in the end zone but Gavin Dickey over threw him. The Wide Receivers need to be more physical and work in traffic better. The perimeter game suffered because of missed blocks and assignments.

UF lined up mostly in cover 2 working on their zone coverages. The starting linebackers were Crum and Crowder on the outside and McCullough on the inside. Dowdy and Parker lined up at tackles for the first rotation. Larry Kendrick got some work at first team cornerback. They used a lot of secondary blitzes and had linebackers lined up in the A gaps. Most of the blitz pressure came from the middle. Defense which has been on the short side of the ledger this spring started with a good stop on the first series. They also caused turnovers including one fumble returned by Guss Scott to the five yard line in which was tackled from behind by Gavin Dickey. Farrior also worked with the ones. The starting defense was most impressive including the hits of the day by Brian Crum. He had a nice stick on Ciatrick Fason.  

Travis Harris' backside tackle of Ingle Martin was also strong. Matt  Farrior had a big hit on OJ Small and showed some athleticism along with the Crum. Ron Dowdy continues to impress at tackle and Daryl Dixon had his best scrimmage by far. He had a couple tackles for loss and a sack. Most of the yards given up by the defense were with the second units. 

Secondary jobs at corner appear to still be open but with so much cover 2 and zone it was rea

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