Scouting Appalachian State Offense

Appalachian State is an extremely capable and dangerous offensive football team. They won't surprise the Gators since the Mountaineers run a spread-option offense and coach Jerry Moore's staff has shared philosophies with Urban Meyer's staffs through the years. In fact, earlier this week Meyer pointed out that Appalachian State looks a lot like the Gators at their best in how they run the system.

The results bear that out. Appy State has scored 34 or more points in nine of 10 games, the only exception a 21-14 overtime loss to Georgia Southern. They have great balance, averaging 219 yards a game on the ground and 221 through the air.

The guy who makes it happen is a small, speedy QB DeAndre Presley who is from Tampa and played at the same school (Middleton) as A.J. Jones. You know he is going to be extra fired up to play in Gainesville and against a former teammate. Presley has run for over 700 yards and 11 TD and passed for more than 2,000 yards and 17 TD. He is extremely elusive and will be a pain to chase all afternoon. Florida's defense will have to play with a great deal more discipline than they did last week or Pressley will be running free all afternoon.

The running back position is shared by Travaris Cadet (521, 6.1, 5) and Devon Moore (337, 3.8, 9). Cadet, who is from Miami, is the better talent, but Moore gets the tough yardage especially near the goal line. .

They have a nice group of WR led by Brian Quick (36, 19.0, 7) who is another tall target (6-5). He also wears No. 8 if you believe in omens good or bad. Matt Cline (35, 9.7, 1) runs the underneath routes and is a solid possession receiver. He has also carried the ball twice, once for 60 yards and once for 20. They also make good use of their TE Ben Jordan (23, 11.2, 5). Jordan is a threat in goal line situations.

The O-line is solid, but typical of 1-AA teams undersized. They don't have anyone taller than 6-3 or heavier than 285 pounds. The best player in the unit is probably the center Brett Irvin who will be making his 38th consecutive start. The right side of the line has been together for every game for the past two years. They have only given up 6 sacks, but that's more about Presley than great protection.

Overall, this is a dangerous offensive football team and will cause problems for the Gator defenses. Maintaining containment against Presley is an absolute must if the Florida defense is going to bounce back from being completely dominated by South Carolina.

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