A Moment He'll Never Forget

It's a moment he will remember for the rest of his life. Jordan Reed handed the ball to him, gave him a little push, and the rest was history. Walk-on lineman Gary Beemer scored the first touchdown of his career against Appalachian State as senior day was winding down and victory couldn't have tasted any sweeter to a guy who thought he'd never see his name on the stat sheet.

Gary Beemer has aspirations to be a coach someday and showed us why in one of the best interviews we've seen all season.

Gary Beemer said he doesn't know why Urban Meyer likes him so much or why his teammates were there to rally behind him when he scored. But, when you hear him talk about his team and how hard he works for them, having great respect for Beemer doesn't seem too far-fetched. Beemer comes to practice ready to "hit hard" every time and said he has grown close to a tight-knit team that sticks together despite devastating losses.

Beemer talked about what this game will mean to him and his family and says the ball he toted into the endzone will stay on his family mantel forever.

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