College Football Musings – Week 12

Some very hot seats have cooled significantly. It's time that everyone takes a moment to salute the men in uniform. A pick-six rescues a major rival. And some rivalry games have completely different twists. We offer that and more in our weekly musings about the world of college football.

MoonPie Song ---- If you haven't already done so, you need to find the Cameron Newton song sung by someone calling himself MoonPie. It's sung to the tune of "Son of a Preacher Man" and is a very funny look at the CamScam controversy. The Newton family and some Auburn partisans probably would disagree with my critique.

Things cool for Zook, Sherman ---- Ron Zook at Illinois and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman seemed to be in danger of losing their jobs for much of this season but not anymore. Zook got his team bowl eligible by winning the ridiculous Wrigley Field game with Northwestern. They had to play all the game action in one direction because the other end zone got within three feet of a brick wall. Meanwhile A&M stunned Nebraska for its fifth straight win. So what if he benefited from a bizarre 16-2 advantage in penalties?

Atten-SHUN! ---- How cool is it that Army, Navy and Air Force are all bowl eligible for the first time? We are fortunate to be in an era where we generally appreciate the sacrifices those who choose to serve make on all of our behalf. Well no one makes more of a commitment than a service academy grad who is committed to five more years after graduation. Let's hope all three get invited somewhere so the Cadets, Midshipmen, and Falcons can have a great holiday experience.

Pick-six saves ‘Noles ---- Florida State beat Maryland 30-16, but if you watched the game you know that score is extremely misleading. Maryland was down 23-16 and driving for a possible tying TD when Nick Moody intercepted a pass at the FSU 4-yard line and ran it back for a TD. Maryland outgained FSU by 78 yards but had four turnovers to just two for the ‘Noles. FSU now has to be BFF's with the Terrapins since Maryland hosts N.C. State this week and a win would send FSU to the ACC Title Game.

Reduced Rivalries ---- There are two rivalry games involving SEC schools that are taking on a whole new look this year. Tennessee (5-6) hosts Kentucky --- a team that hasn't beaten the Vols since the Reagan administration --- in a must-win game. Kentucky (6-5) is already Bowl eligible and has a chance to deny Tennessee the same status. Of course there are so many Bowls now that 5-7 might get you in, but 6-6 is a lock. Georgia (5-6) is in the same boat as it hosts Georgia Tech (6-5). You have to know Kentucky and Georgia Tech are salivating at the chance to keep their rival out of post-season play.

SEC Bowl bonanza ---- It seems certain that the SEC will get two teams into BCS bowls this year which means there are 10 spots reserved for eligible SEC squads. If Tennessee and Georgia both win, the league will have 10 teams for those 10 opportunities. Commissioner Mike Slive would be quite pleased with that turn of events. As for the Gators, a trip to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl against Penn State or Michigan seems like the best bet.

We'll have two more weekly musings to offer up the next two Mondays.

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