Urban Meyer SEC Teleconference

Urban Meyer can put posters and emotional pictures all over the football facility this week with the intent of giving his team extra motivation for Saturday's rivalry game. However, he knows that won't do anything once they step on the field at Doak Campbell Stadium. The emotion and passion of rivalry games make them special to the Florida coach, but he is focused on their preparation this week.

Q: "Have you done anything this week to pump the rivalry up for your team?"

A: "Each team is different. In '08 and '09 it was a mature and older team. This one, we've got to play. And we've got to play well there. We push it hard in the offseason and talk about it, but it's all execution."

Q: "Would you say this is the hardest season you've had as a head coach?"

A: "I haven't had time to go through all the season, but it's been a tough season. It's been tough with injuries and execution, but to say it's the toughest, I can't do that."

Q: "Can you update the injury situation?"

A: "A.J. Jones will play. Janoris (Jenkins) will be ready to play. Jeremy Brown should be ready to play. Andre Debose- we'll see more today. I'd say he's questionable. Sturgis is out. Matt Patchan had surgery on his wrist, and it was all positive. We're hoping to get him back in spring ball."

Q: "Can you elaborate on Matt Patchan?"

A: "He did have surgery. He's on his way back now. It's all positive. It was an injury that just never improved. We feel real confident that he should be ready to crank it up, maybe not full contact but real close to it, in spring.

Q: "Are you seeing progress through Deonte Thompson or more struggles with the drops?"

A: "I'm seeing similar problems, but I have seen him progress. It's his first year starting for us, but it hasn't been at the progress we would like it to. He's a hard working guy who will get better and better."

Q: "Could you see glimpses of what Cam Newton is doing now back when he practiced for you?"

A: "Oh yeah. He was a great player and a ridiculous athlete. It was the sheer size. To be able to do what a big man like that can do, he's got it all."

Q: "Can you talk about your first trip to the SEC Championship Game in 2006 and how it compares to the National Championships?"

A: "With all due respect to the National Championship game, it's hard to say there's any difference. The SEC Championship Game is like a Super Bowl. Sometimes you see them on TV where stadiums aren't filled. Arkansas and Florida, I've never seen anything like that one. Then we were fortunate enough to go play in the National Championship one, but to say there's a big difference, there's not. That's what makes getting that ring that says you're SEC Champs that much more special."

Q: "Is it possible to ease the pain of this season with a win on Saturday, or is that all talk out there?"

A: "It's good talk, but I can't say that. It would do a lot to make this season a success. We aren't discussing it as a team. We have our hands full just trying to handle the execution."

Q: "What does it mean for you to have these guys get some perspective in the community this season?"

A: "I've always tried to do this. I think Tim Tebow had a lot to do with making the head coach more compassionate, but our team loves it. Of all the things that have been done here at Florida, the growth of this part in the program has been phenomenal."

Q: "John has been spending time with a family that has a sick child. Have you seen a difference from him since?"

A: "I've talked to him about that. John has good perspective, even before that. I don't believe he's ever lost perspective. He's dealt with pain and hurt like we all have. But he's never lost perspective."

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