Urban Meyer ‘s Retirement is a Shock

Urban Meyer's retirement is a shock to me, and I can tell you at least 25 others that are shocked. Urban Meyer vowed to many of his football players that he would be here throughout their college careers. There is little doubt in my mind that he wouldn't follow through with that unless there are health reasons, and so this was a surprise to many, including him.

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Urban Meyer made it a point to tell his freshman football class at Florida that he would be the football coach for the remainder of their football careers. The Sunday following the win over Georgia Meyer met with his freshman class and assured them he would be here throughout their entire career. The meeting was called because of some unrest in the bunch and Meyer wanted them to understand they made and a mutual agreement when they were signed that they would play for him and he would coach them.

This is why I know this is something more than just burnout. Meyer had nothing to gain by calling that meeting at that time and not plan on following through with his word. There was no sign of this possibility as late as last week.

I am not here to delve into personal matters such as his health, but I am sure there is more to it than just wanting to walk away.

Urban Meyer has done so much for the University of Florida football program in such a short amount of time. His legacy will last a long time and the Gator Nation will always be thankful for his time here.

The last year has been a mess because of the retirement a year ago because of health problems. A lot of assistants headed off in other directions and Meyer had to make new hires and deal with the lack of continuity that comes with that.

It wasn't a season to remember, but it was a career to remember. It will take some time to get over two retirements in less than 12 months and a lackluster 7-5 season, but Gator fans and the like will do so in due time.

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