Boomer Gator?

Everyone in Gainesville either knows it or believes it. The first guy that got the call for the vacant Florida job is Oklahoma's Bob Stoops. As long as Jeremy Foley is the Athletics Director at Florida, Stoops is going to be the guy he wants and will wait for him to turn it down. There are lots of reasons why it makes sense and a few reasons he might say no. Either way, be prepared to think big.

Could Bob Stoops be the next football coach at the University of Florida? Here are the reasons I think he should be considered, why it may happen, and also why it may not happen.

Head Coach Qualifications: Bob Stoops got his first college head coaching job with the Oklahoma Sooners and led them to 12 straight Bowl appearances including seven in BCS Bowls and has a national championship to his name. He is now probably ‘the' big name in all of college football. There is little wonder that he would be the top name on the list and the first call from Foley.

Stoops is 128-31 in his entire career at Oklahoma and has only three home losses in 12 years. He has won a national championship and played in four national title games. Stoops did all of this while reinvigorating a program that was in the dumps when he took over.

Stoops can draw the highest quality assistant coaches to work for him because they know they will be looked at and promoted from his program, Oklahoma continues to recruit at an elite level year after year and Stoops draws the type of athletes that would fit in well at the University of Florida.

Ties to Florida: Bob Stoops will always be one of Gainesville's favorite sons. He's the defensive coordinator that helped get the Gators over the hump in the 1990's and win their first national championship in 1996. He stayed a couple of more years and fielded big time defenses that attracted superstar players that went on to be stars in the NFL.

Stoops is friends with all three of the last head coaches at Florida. He worked for Steve Spurrier at Florida and has called Spurrier the greatest college coach ever. He has Ohio ties with Urban Meyer and the two have been friends for a long time. Ron Zook worked under Stoops when Stoops was hired at Florida and they too are both Ohio guys.

Stoops owns an elaborate beach home in Crescent Beach, Florida, an hour drive from Gainesville. He has lots of friends that still reside in Gainesville and Jeremy Foley and he remain great friends from the time he spent in Gainesville.

Why it may not happen: Stoops built a palatial estate in Norman that certainly makes most believe he isn't leaving anytime soon. He makes a comfortable 4.3 million dollars a year that could be matched by Florida but probably not trumped by very much. He is the man in Oklahoma, but would also be the same in Florida. He has been there a comfortable 12 years with little to no fan backlash.

What is going to happen?: I believe it is a tough call every time Stoops gets the opportunity and the Florida job opens. There is so much more to like about Gainesville, Florida than Norman, Oklahoma and I have a lot of family in Oklahoma so I know. He has basically turned it down in some capacity twice (2002 and 2005), so there isn't much difference now than in those instances except he has been in one place for so long. In the end, I think he makes a tough decision again to stay in Norman.

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