Recruits Weigh in on Muschamp Hire

Florida recruiting targets and commits are all gradually getting word that UF has hired a new head coach. Some aren't too familiar with Will Muschamp but all seem encouraged by his youth and defensive mind. As expected, many recruits plan on doing some research and seeing who Muschamp brings in to help him run the show but are excited to watch it all unfold. Read on to see what they are saying.

OL commit Chase Hounshell: "I don't know anything a bout him. I have to do some research. I heard some great things though."

TE commit A.C. Leonard: "I don't know yet. I'm letting it soak in. But I think I like it."

RB commit Mike Blakely: "I don't know anything about him. I don't know what he does or anything either and I don't even know because I'm supposed to be up there in three weeks. But, I'll probably talk to someone from UF tomorrow about it and get everything figured out. I'm still a Gator and I hope coach Muschamp will come visit me at my house soon."

DE/OLB Curt Maggitt: "I haven't met him yet but he seems cool. I hope I'll meet him."

LB Kent Turene: "He's good but I wonder who's going to be on his staff."

CB Jabari Gorman: "He's cool."

TE Junior Pome'e: "I don't really know anything yet but I'll look into it and I still like UF."

DT Timmy Jernigan: "Gotta see more about him but I like that he's a defense person."

CB Wayne Lyons: "He seems cool. I wanna know if he's bringing his whole staff."

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