Florida Just Stole Texas' Coach

Maybe the Florida hire won't be splashy to some, but make no mistake about it, stealing Will Muschamp from the clamps of the University of Texas was a big time move by Florida AD Jeremy Foley. Muschamp was the "Head-Coach-in-Waiting" at Texas and instead of waiting decided to bring his prowess back to the SEC.

There are many that will argue that the two top football programs in the country are Texas and Florida with the Gators playing second fiddle. Well, notch one up for the green and scaly guys as they stole the prized coach on the Texas staff.

Will Muschamp brings a myriad of coaching experience, having been defensive coordinator at Texas, Auburn, and LSU among other jobs and stops. He is young and energetic, and will likely draw the same when hiring assistants.

Is he a splashy hire? Not as much as some wanted. Most figured Florida being at the elite level would go after a proven head coach with a great record that already knows how to run an entire program. The Bob Stoops, Chris Petersens, Jim Harbaughs of the world is what everyone expected.

Is it a safe hire? The answer is also probably not. He hasn't run an entire program. He is just 39-years-old and has a whole career ahead of him. All of that aside, he is still one of the hottest commodities in the coaching profession and supposedly turned down jobs at Auburn and Tennessee among others in order to stay in Texas.

Muschamp annually fields one of the best defenses in the country. He recruits to defense like not many can, just ask Florida's retiring head coach Urban Meyer, who released a statement on Muschamp Saturday night.

"Coach Muschamp is a great hire for the University of Florida," Meyer said. "He is a relentless recruiter and brings a tremendous amount of energy and passion to the game. I would run into him on the road often on the recruiting trail and have always been impressed with him as a coach and a person."

Now, Mr. Muschamp, a native of Gainesville Florida, has quietly made a statement to the entire world that if Florida was second fiddle to Texas in a lot of folks' minds, it certainly isn't in his.

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