Brown Excited About Muschamp Hire

It isn't as if the Florida football team was looking for a change at the top, but once some of them found out Will Muschamp was Florida's new head coach and then met him, they have a new vision of the program. Jeremy Brown started most of the season at cornerback for Florida. The sophomore from Orlando has dealt with both the loss of his starting job and now his head coach.

The first few days after Urban Meyer resigned were tough on a team that was expecting him to be around for several more years. Meyer was close to his players and he was big part of why they came to the University of Florida.

"We are definitely a little bit hurt with Coach Meyer gone," Jeremy Brown said Tuesday when Will Muschamp was introduced as the replacement for Meyer at Florida. "He recruited everyone and with the relationships he has built with us and our families."

Muschamp addressed this very thing when he talked to the media Tuesday night.

"I think any time there's change, there's a little bit of uneasiness, there's a little bit of uncertainty, there's a little bit of question about what's happening to us right now, and these young men are …sort of in transforming their lives right now," Muschamp said. "They're in college. They're not really sure what's happening. Their head coach is leaving. There are a lot of question marks in their life right now."

However, Brown was one of the first guys to have a smile on his face when he found out who athletic director Jeremy Foley hired to be the 23rd head coach at the University of Florida.

"I like Coach Muschamp a lot," Brown said. "It's my second impression of him because I was recruited by him when he was at Auburn. This is just meeting him again and building a closer relationship. I'm excited. He's a defensive guy and I'm looking forward to playing for him.

"I remember going to a game and seeing how fiery he was and the passion that he brought. Like I said, I'm excited for the opportunity and just can't wait (to play for him)."

Brown's very first thought when he heard the name of the hire was one of delight for hiring a guy that has a defensive mentality.

"Wow," he thought when he first heard the news. "He's a defensive guy and going to be on my side of the ball. Coach Meyer is an offensive guy, I imagined the head coach being on the defensive side of the field."

Brown said his teammates also got on the bandwagon pretty quickly when they were able to study his background a little bit.

"Everyone is pretty excited," Brown said. "When there's change, there's always something different about the next guy, but everybody is looking forward to this (Muschamp coaching). We cannot wait to hit the ground running.

"Everyone is excited and can tell he's a fiery guy. We've all done our homework and seen how he's an in-your-face kind of coach. He brings a lot of passion to the game. That is what we're excited about."

There were some issues on the 2010 squad and Brown thinks that a new face can help salve some of the wounds that were caused. He talked about what he thinks will be the biggest difference the team should see next season.

"Maybe just tighten down on the discipline," Brown said of what is the biggest thing Muschamp will bring to the table. "There were a lot of guys where we struggled in that area. A lot of coaches spent more time off the field worrying about other players. He told us (in the meeting with the players before the press conference) ‘If you don't want to be at Florida, then leave.' I think we won't have as many problems off the field. I think we will be ready to go and develop a lot of this young talent."

And Muschamp promises all of them an open door to take care of any issues.

"Anybody that has a question or concern come to me, I'll address it," he said. "(You) may not like what I have to do, but I'm going to be honest with you and with where we are. And I've asked for them to have some blind faith in me to make the best decisions for them and the University of Florida."

It appears for now that most if not all the players are willing to be all in with the blind faith.

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