Boynton Working Out the Kinks in His Shot

Kenny Boynton is tied as the leading scorer for the Gators with 12.1 points per game, but his shot isn't falling as he expected. The struggles have caused him to use pump fakes and drive to the basket more often. His offensive game isn't complete without his jump shot falling from the outside.

Kenny Boynton's shot was the downfall of last season, too. He put in work in the offseason with a shooting coaching, breaking down film and working on fundamentals. Boynton found that he was often off balance when he shot and focused on being comfortable during his release point.

His shot has shown improvements early in the season, but lately, Boynton has struggled to see shots fall.

"In practice, I've been knocking down my shot," Boynton said. "I think it's a mind thing. I've been shooting well in practice this week. I'm not really worried at all."

He shot 37.6% from the field as a freshman last year. Instead of seeing drastic improvement, he is actually shooting 37.5% so far this year. Boynton has seen his three-point shot struggle even more. He shot 29.4% for three as a freshman, and it is down to 24.6% this year.

"That's a really hard thing," Florida head coach Billy Donovan said of dealing with the confidence of a shooter. "One of the things I try to do as a coach is give our guys confidence. The worst thing is when a guy has an open shot and he's tentative. I think Dan Werner went through it last year. You're trying to instill confidence, but at the end of the day, as much as I can tell them to shoot the ball and I believe in them, the confidence when a guy will rise up to shoot has to be internally that it's going in."

Boynton said he hasn't gone back to the film he watched in the offseason. He doesn't think the shooting slump will last much longer.

"You just keep shooting until one game it gets on," Boynton said. "That's when everything else will fall in place."

Donovan has coached players in the past who went through similar slumps, and he maintains the same way of dealing with it.

He doesn't do anything.

The slumps often become mental and a talk from any of the coaches would only make the slump even harder for the player to get out of his mind.

"How do we address it? Get a lot of shots up," Donovan said. "Try to get them repetition and confidence. Then when they're open, they've got to shoot the ball. They need to take good shots, and I think the last few games we've taken good shots."

What Boynton hasn't given the Gators from shooting the ball, he has made up for it with his play in other areas. He remains one of Florida's best perimeter defenders and is passing the ball better than he has at any point in his career. When his shot isn't falling, Boynton has been able to set up teammates with open shots.

"The last couple games, he's played phenomenal," Donovan said. "He's played a great floor game and defended very well. He's been a much better help defender, and his assist-to-turnover ratio has been much better. When you focus on things you can do and have control over, you have a better chance of making shots."

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