Offensive Line Coach Possibilities?

Sometimes building a coaching staff is about relationships. If you have been there in the trenches with someone and spent the hours upon hours of preparation it takes to compete at the highest level with someone, you can get comfortable having them by your side. With that in mind, we have drawn up a list of offensive line coaching candidates that new Florida head coach Will Muschamp may consider.

Here are several offensive line coaching candidates that Will Muschamp may consider in his 2011 coaching search at Florida.

Steve Addazio (Currently with Florida)

We all know about the issues with the offense this year, and, right or wrong, these issues are going to fall back on the offensive coordinator more times than not. Addazio as the coordinator is not going to happen, but Addazio the offensive line coach, a lot of folks could live with. The fact is the offense over the previous five seasons was very efficient in both the run and the passing game. In 2007, 2008, and 2009, the offense was in the top teams in the country in pass efficiency and top five in yards per play (including rushing). During those seasons multiple backs averaged over seven yards per carry. To dominate in pass and run so much, the offensive line has to be a stellar group.

Addazio is also a great recruiter and will be responsible for all three offensive linemen coming in for early enrollment, plus fullback Hunter Joyer, receiver Javares McRoy, etc. He has spent a couple of days in the last week with Muschamp on recruiting excursions in what would amount to a serious interview for a job. He will likely be very persuasive in my opinion.

Tim Davis (OL coach and running game coordinator at Minnesota)

With stops at USC coaching all-Americans as well as the Miami Dolphins where he and Muschamp worked together, Davis has spent the last three years with the Minnesota Golden Gophers, which means he is now available.

Three years experience in the NFL can go a long way in recruiting and coaching a couple of all-Americans at USC doesn't hurt as well.

Hudson Houck (OL coach for Dallas Cowboys)

Houck coached the offensive line along side Davis for the Dolphins, which is where he also met Muschamp. Houck has been coaching offensive line for 39 years including the last 28 years in the NFL. The thing that could make this doable is that like Davis, the head coach at Dallas has been fired and the staff will most certainly change.

Hugh Nall (Out of coaching)

Nall is considered a big time offensive line coach that just decided to quit coaching when Tommy Tuberville was forced out at Auburn. Nall was considered a great recruiter as well, but his offensive lines paved the way for some of the best offenses in the country at Auburn. A Georgia alum like Muschamp, Nall was on the offensive line during Georgia's 1980 national championship year.

He coached the offensive line for six years at TCU and four years at Mississippi, before his 10 year run at Auburn. At 52-years-old, he isn't too old to give it another try.

Stacey Searels (OL coach at Georgia)

Searels' and Muschamp's paths crossed at LSU back in 2003 and 2004. He is widely regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches in America and is also known as a great recruiter. With coaching stops at Auburn, LSU, and now Georgia, this former all-SEC offensive lineman would be a nice pick up for Muschamp.

Joe Wickline (OL coach at Oklahoma State)

Like Addazio, sometimes you can grade the offensive line in terms of the efficiency of the offense. There may not be any more consistently efficient offense in the country than at Oklahoma State in the last six years and since Wickline has been there. The former Gator offensive lineman was on Ron Zook's staff at Florida and in their last year the Gators had the No. 1 offense in the conference.

Wickline is a technician and a really terrific recruiter. It will take a lot to lure him from Oklahoma State where they have given him multi-year contracts to secure his services.

George Yarno (OL coach with the Detroit Lions)

Yarno and Muschamp crossed paths in 2002 when the two coached at LSU. Yarno has 17 years of college experience and has been coaching the last three years in the NFL.

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