Tebow Answers Critics in Style

It's no mystery that Tim Tebow has his detractors with regards to his potential to be a quality quarterback in the NFL. Chief among them is ESPN host Colin Cowherd who has referred to the former Gator great as a novelty act, a card trick and other more demeaning comments.

Well, Sunday afternoon Tim Tebow took a giant step towards relevance as an NFL quarterback and at the same time gave his critics the opportunity to retract some of their criticisms.

Tebow led Denver on a pair of fourth quarter TD drives and a 24-23 win over Houston. Tebow threw for more than 300 yards --- not bad for a guy who can't throw --- and both threw for and ran for a TD in the final period as he led Denver to just its fourth win of the season.

Now I know Cowherd and his brain dead ilk will quickly seize on the fact that the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner led Denver to a win over a lousy team (Houston is 5-10), and will just as quickly ignore the fact that Tebow is quarterbacking a team that has a WORSE record even after Sunday's result.

Look, I don't get off on ripping other media types, no matter how stupid their positions turn out to be. I've been wrong myself once or twice, but I have never seen the absurdity and venom that has been directed at one of the most thoroughly admirable young men I have ever covered.

Yes, Tim makes a mistake by dropping his arm too low and it slows his delivery. You could say the same thing about Bernie Kosar and Brett Favre among others. Tim does not have the greatest accuracy or touch on the ball, but the guy is a tremendous athlete, a tremendous competitor and a tremendous person.

While 2006 Heisman winner Troy Smith was seen in a shouting match with his coach, Tim Tebow was leading his team from a 13-point deficit to a thrilling win in a game that was meaningless except to those who played in it and those who paid to watch it.

It takes all kinds to make a world, and it takes all kinds of quarterbacks to make it in the NFL. Tim Tebow may not be everyone's ideal NFL signal caller, but those who insist he can not be an effective starter in the NFL are complete idiots.

As a New York Giants fan I can assure you, I wish Eli Manning had a fraction of Tebow's competitiveness and leadership skills. I am willing to bet that Sunday is the first of many times when Tebow leads his team to a win as he builds his NFL career. And I am more convinced than ever that the Jacksonville Jaguars made a HUGE mistake in not making certain he was a part of their franchise.

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