Foley Reflects on Meyer's Career

Jeremy Foley knows this week is about reflecting on Urban Meyer's career at Florida. However, while the Gators send out a head coach that brought two national championships to Gainesville in six years, new head coach Will Muschamp continues to work on putting his staff together. Foley has been involved in helping Muschamp build the staff, but the hires will ultimately come from the new head coach.

Q: "Is there a timetable you'd like to have some of those hires made?"

A: "On January 4, you've got to hit the ground recruiting," Foley said. "I'm not saying the whole staff will be in place by then, but we've got to have some coaches on the road. We will have some coaches on the road. I think things will get really hectic the first part of next week. Will said it best when we hired him: It's not about doing it fastest, it's about doing it the best. These are important hires. To ask what he's been doing most since he got the job, he's been putting a staff together."

Q: "What has Muschamp been doing the past few days?"

A: "He took his family on a cruise first, then he decided to go skiing… No, I'm just kidding. He's been in Austin. It's the dead period in recruiting, so he gets one call a week and he's made those phone calls himself. He's also working on putting a staff together. He's working hard on it, and I've talked to him every day about it. He's excited that some pieces are falling into place, but there are still other pieces that have to fall into place. He's making a lot of progress there."

Q: "How much input do you have on the coaches that Muschamp hires?"

A: "Every coach at Florida has the opportunity to have their own coaches. Will asks me questions, and I give him input. I'm not a football coach. I'm an athletic director. I don't think Gator fans want me hiring assistant coaches. He'll bounce some ideas off me, and obviously I get involved with the salary and negotiation part of it. Every once in a while I'll pick up the phone and talk to a guy about what it's like to coach at the University of Florida and what we stand for. At the end of the day, they're Will Muschamp hires."

Q: "What's the legacy that Coach Meyer leaves?"

A: "He's a winner. Obviously he did things the right way. He has an unbelievable work ethic and passion for the University of Florida. Did I think he'd hoist two crystal balls in six years? No, you don't think that stuff. He got fans and students involved. When you look at what he did here in six years, three times he went 13-1. Two national championships and a 22-game win streak, that's hard to do. They're things that had never been done at our place. He left here in a classy way and handled this situation with a lot of class. One of the biggest allies I had in hiring Coach Muschamp was Coach Meyer. He wasn't worried about someone coming in here and breaking his records. He hopes (Muschamp) breaks his records."

Q: "Will Urban keep his same office or will Will get it?"

A: "Will is going to be in the head football coach's office. We'll find a spot for Urban. He may just be sitting in the chair in my office, and we'll be looking at each other all day."

Q: "What do you think about Urban going to TV?"

A: "I thought he did a great job. I was at the basketball game, and I walked in the locker room and saw him on TV. I didn't know he was going to be on TV. He did a heck of a job."

Q: "Would he be able to work for ESPN and in some capacity at Florida?"

A: "I think so. Again, Urban and I haven't sat down and talked about that at all, other than he wants to be involved in the University of Florida. Urban has to do some things with his life, too. He's not just going to sit around and go fishing. That's not him. He'd be very good at that, and I think he enjoyed what he did the other night."

Q: "What role would you see him in the future? If it's on ESPN, what type of broadcaster do you see him being?"

A: "The slate for his future is totally open. He enjoyed what he did there last week. I don't see him on there putting on a Sparty hat. I feel like analyzing games and talking about strategy is his thing. I don't see him getting on there and going after coaches. He's very respectful. He'll talk about why plays are called, why plays work and maybe talk about the BCS. But he won't sit up there wearing a Sparty hat and second guess coaches."

Q :If you do see him back coaching again, would you be okay with that?"

A: "As long as it wasn't at Georgia or something. We'll be alright. I want what's best for Urban. That's what I want. Bernie Machen made the comment when urban resigned last year that this university can't really repay what he did here and how he did it."

Q: "Is there any worry with Meyer being close to the program that Will could take it negatively?"

A: "It's a different dynamic. Urban is a different person. Will Muschamp has good instincts. He's not around here (in Tampa) right now, and he won't be doing any press conferences here. He's going to come to the bowl game, but he understands this is Urban's team and Urban's week. He gets it. Trust me, Urban gets that it's Will Muschamp's future."

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