Muschamp Excited About His Staff

Florida head coach Will Muschamp is very excited about his football staff and the possibilities they bring. With one staff member short, he will be looking into filling that spot soon, but he is also waiting on two of his prized staffers in offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Both coordinators are still in the playoffs of the NFL and coaching for those teams.

According to Will Muschamp the football staff he put together since his hire follows the blueprint that he wanted to have a successful program. Muschamp acknowledges the help he has had from athletics director Jeremy Foley and the administration to follow through and get some of the big name hires he has been able to get.

"We've been able to fill out our staff except for one spot," Muschamp told the media waiting on a basketball game Saturday night. "I am real pleased with the direction we are headed. When I hire somebody I describe what I want at a position, the critical factors, a lot like recruiting a player. You decide what you want, what you are looking for, and you go get it. We have been very fortunate and the support of our administration has been outstanding. We are real pleased with where we are."

One of the hires that was a huge splash among media and fans alike was the procurement of Charlie Weis as the offensive coordinator. Weis is currently the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football league and stepped away from that job to take the same position with the Gators. Weis was the head coach at Notre Dame for five seasons before going to the Chiefs.

Muschamp maintains that Weis fits his profile for a coordinator to a tee.

"I wanted someone with pro and college experience, an outstanding play caller, and a great developer of quarterbacks," he said. "There are none better than Charlie Weis."

Muschamp also reiterated that Florida was the big sell for Weis and really nothing else. Reports have circulated that Weis took the job mainly to work with his son.

"It's Florida, a great place and a lot of people want to coach here," Muschamp said. "Don't believe everything you read. There was some interest level from both parties. I reached out to the Kansas City Chiefs and gauged the interest. Charlie and I spoke one time and I realized there was a great possibility of this happening."

Another big splash was the hire of Seattle Seahawks defensive line coach Dan Quinn as Florida's next defensive coordinator. Muschamp seemed equally excited about Quinn's hire.

"Dan is as good a defensive line coach as I have ever been around," Muschamp said. "He and I coached together at the Miami Dolphins. Jason Taylor (all pro defensive end) text me the night before we announced it and realized we had hired Dan and was shocked that we were able to get him here (with) how much he thought of Dan as a coach and furthered his career. He was NF: defensive player of the year under Dan's tutelage. That tells you what kind of coach he is."

One drawback for the two is that both are in the NFL playoffs. Weis coaches in the Chiefs playoff game tomorrow and Quinn was part of an upset win over defending Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints on Saturday. Quinn will coach another week in the NFL at minimum. Neither coach has been able to get on the recruiting trail yet for the Gators, but Muschamp says their success now is only a bonus for recruiting.

"We are watching the Gators' coaches tonight and tomorrow and I think that is exciting," Muschamp said. "If I am a high school football player and have aspirations of playing on the next level (NFL), which most kids do, they are going to come to a great institution at Florida, they will get a great education, and they are watching their future coordinators coach in the National Football League and the playoffs. That's pretty exciting."

There is still one staff spot to fill, probably on defense, but Muschamp will wait until there is a lull in recruiting to worry about filling that final spot.

"Right now I am on the road recruiting and I knew during that time I need to spend my time recruiting," he said. "Recruiting is building relationships and that's what I have to do right now. We have some dead time coming up this week and I will talk to some people this week."

When asked if he has a few coaches in mind to fill the one spot, a simple "yep" is how Muschamp responded.

Without the ability to talk a lot about recruiting, Muschamp feels that prospects are being very receptive to what the Gators have to offer. This staff is definitely behind the eight ball because of the months and months it takes to build recruiting relationships.

"As early as recruiting is nowadays that is the hardest part," he said. "A lot of these young men have been recruited for 2-3 years, and we are trying to flip a decision or convince them that Florida is the best place. A lot of people want to be here and we have had a great response."

He also has to deal with the team during all of the recruiting and staff hires. As of now, Muschamp says he has heard of no current players that wish to transfer.

"Not at this time," he said. "Not that I am aware of."

He is also slowly easing into all of the new nuances of being a head coach rather than being a defensive coordinator. The transition has been good so far.

"To me it's all time management, balancing the entire team rather than just one side of the ball," he said. "There are a lot more obligations in what you have to do, but it has been fine."

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