‘Juice' Surprised on his Visit

He may live just 40 miles away, has been a Gator all his life, and been to campus hundreds of times, but count Chris ‘Juice' Johnson as surprised at how well his official visit went to Florida. The Gator commitment visited this past weekend and saw more than he thought he would and was impressed with Florida's new staff and the rest of the people around the program.

At Ocala's Trinity Catholic HS, Chris Johnson is a man among boys and the stud strong safety just paid his official visit to Gainesville and the Florida Gator football team. He wasn't expecting much, and was pleasantly surprised.

"The surprise was that it was better than I expected," Johnson said Wednesday about his weekend visit. "I really had a good time. They showed me around and showed me how it is. We toured the city and talked to the coaches. They had it set up well and I really enjoyed myself.

"I liked how nice everyone was. Everybody including the players were real cool. They were open. That was a big part, I want to develop a good relationship with the guys and click with everyone."

Johnson got to meet his position coach at Florida. Travaris Robinson will be coaching the secondary for the Gators. Johnson, a native of Florida really caught his attention and kept him focused during the weekend.

"He's a real good guy," Juice said of his future DB coach. "He told me what he expects of me. He's funny and is a good guy to talk to. We talked about it being his first year and my first year. He told me jokes about when he played and then could be serious at times. He was just a real good person to talk to."

Having committed to Urban Meyer and safeties' coach Chuck Heater before the arrival of the Muschamp staff, Johnson took a minute to reflect on the differences of the two staffs.

"I liked both staffs, but Muschamp is more of a player's coach and a talkative guy and more active," Juice said. "Coach Meyer was a great coach, but when you see Coach Muschamp on film and the highlights he is more into the players. Coach Robinson is a real good guy like I talked about. I liked Coach Heater too, but I just have to move on."

The depth chart at safety is very thin with the graduation of All-American Ahmad Black and Will Hill moving on to the next level a year early. There are only two returning safeties on the roster. Look for Juice to start out at the strong safety spot with his 5-9, 199-pound frame.

"I am going to be playing strong safety," he said. "Hopefully I could say I am the next Ahmad Black. I don't like to compare myself to anyone but I am going to try my best."

Muschamp and company are not obligated to take any prior commitments to the old Florida staff. After watching film on Johnson, it turns out to be a no-brainer.

"They like my speed and awareness of where to be," Johnson said of the new staff. "They like that I am a great tackler. I will be playing the same position that I play in high school and I play the run first more than pass. I like covering the run."

As for being a Gator, when asked if he would have committed to Florida three years ago, Juice's response was, "absolutely". This is the only place he was ever going to go, given the chance.

"I never had any doubts about going anywhere else," he said. "I always liked the Gators and tell people that all the time.

Taking a tough class load and finishing up strong in school are the biggest thing on his agenda as Juice Johnson will enroll in June. We will be sure to be in contact until that time.

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